Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Headlines You Will Never See

You'll never see a headline that says "Restaurant owner says "business exploded" since banning guns."

You won't even see the above headline in heavily blue, anti-gun states.  On the other hand, being pro-gun is good for business.

H/T to Saysuncle

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are our own worst enemy sometimes

Wandered over to the local Delaware Open Carry site and, upon reading the thread about target "banning" guns, what do I see?

This statement....by member Stephpd.  There was also a long facebook thread that got deleted.  In that thread folks like me were basically said to be "not true defenders of the 2A" because we correctly pointed out the realities.  That OC of long guns and carrying guns "at people" is NOT helping.  And two, that we are behind enemy lines here in DE, and that this kind of behavior here in DE would lead to OC becoming illegal in my state with the quickness.  Seriously.  You want Delaware to become the new Maryland?  Start getting groups of tone deaf morons together open carrying AR's into Chuck-E-Cheese.  If you want to win hearts and minds I'm positive that antagonizing folks and generally scaring the ever living shit out of people is not the way to do it.

"Believe it or not they never OC'd long guns into Target, nor in the parking lots. But they did protest out on the sidewalks, on public property, around Target."

So he's saying no one ever open carried inside a target or in a Target parking lot?!  *HEADDESK*
I'm sorry but to say that you'd have to believe that every single photo of someone OC'ing a long gun in Target was a fake.  Every. Single. One.  I cannot even wrap my head around how out of touch with reality that statement is.

We fought hard last session and the anti's were still able to get background checks and lost and stolen past. Why?  Political realities.  We have a democratically controlled legislature.  That means they're openly hostile to our rights already.  We don't even have the political clout to get shall-issue CCDW passed in Delaware.  Hell, we don't even have the political clout to get it brought up.

 Like it or not, if the Dems got the political will to do it they could crush gun ownership in this state in much the same way it's been crushed in Maryland.  Yes, technically you can OC an AR down market street in downtown Wilmington, but from a practical standpoint it's moronic and is not going to advance your rights.  It simply amazes me that I have to sit people down and explain this to them like they're children, and then I'm chided as if I'm "unpatriotic" when I do.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Feminism, Self-Defense & Victim Blaming

These are the folks who think Ms. Nevada was wrong to say this, from Larry Correia

 “But I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women."

Basically, They think they should be able to just wish bad things won't happen, and anyone who comes along and says "reality doesn't work that way" is an evil misogynist who's victim blaming.... Heck I'd like to not have CP.  I'd love to have one day where I'm pain free, but that's my reality.  All the wishing in the world doesn't change reality.  Teaching people not to rape is wonderful, but it doesn't solve the problem of those who weren't taught that lesson, or were but don't care.  I'd say most rapists rape knowing damn well it's bad. They know its wrong and they..... Do it anyway.

My sister has a friend who thinks like this.  A tiny little redhead who lives in Philly. I remember her being indignant about how she should be able to walk alone at night in the city, shouldn't have to carry her keys in her hand, shouldn't need pepper spray and will never carry it or a knife / gun, shouldn't need to walk in groups etc Etc.

That's nice and all, but it's magical thinking.  There are bad people in the world, and if you are a small female (or elderly, disabled etc etc) you are an easy target and should take steps to mitigate your risk.  That's not blaming the victim.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The U.S.S.R or America?

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety

-Benjamin Franklin 1759

There are times where I feel ashamed of what America, "land of the free" has become.  This weekend was one of those times. It was also a very happy time, as my baby sister graduated with a civil engineering degree and a GPA above 3.0 (she's the smart one of the bunch)

I attended my sisters graduation from U of D.  I'm a Delaware grad, and this was my third time being there for a graduation ceremony.  This is the first time I've ever been in the football stadium and been subjected to metal detectors and the standard TSA security theater degradation.

Now, I suspect the added security was due to Veep "buy a shotgun" Biden being the commencement speaker. Still, I don't believe everyone's Constitutional rights disappear the moment they get near an "important person". Delaware is a small state. I lawfully OC. If I was out at lunch and Biden walked in would I be disarmed or forced to leave simply because he entered an establishment where I was eating? Sadly I suspect the answer would be yes.

Anyway, when i walked up to the stadium at 7:30 AM They had two rope lines and a TSA setup to get in. They didn't have the new pervoscan machines, but even absent those the TSA is never decent to deal with. Yes. the TSA was running security at the football stadium of a public university that happens to be my alma mater.  

I realized when I got up there that I'd forgotten to remove my 2 inch SOG Twitch from my keychain. I also had another small folder in my back pocket, as I'd had to quickly change pants that morning and threw on khakis I'd worn the day before. Naturally I still had my EDC knives on them (both Delaware legal) & never gave it a 2nd thought at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning.

My first attempt was simple. I went up, emptied all my pockets and was told I couldn't enter with these. It's silly & utterly ridiculous.  I'm a 150 lb guy with CP w/ a small pocketknife and no malicious intent whatsoever, but I hiked back to my car, put the sharp things away and re entered at a different checkpoint.

I doubt I'm alone in finding metal detectors and TSA boobs at a college graduation an affront to civil liberties.  I'd also never seen TSA outside an airport so while in line a 2nd time, i turned, turned my iPhone sideways and snapped a photo of the checkpoint.  I was obvious about it as this isn't illegal and I saw no reason to do so surreptitiously. Immediately a TSA agent yelled "No Pictures! That guy just took a picture!" 

I emptied my pockets and all 3 agents started calling me out. One even examined my Mazda flip key like it was some uber dangerous device, flipped all through my wallet etc. they asked the USSS if they should make me delete the photo and were answered in the negative

I stepped through the metal detector cleanly and was immediately met by a Female USSS agent blocking my way. She of course interrogated me as to why I took the photo and what I planned to do with it.  not mentioning the 4th amendment or blue gloved thugs i responded with the safer truth, which was that I was a grad myself, had never seen TSA at a college and found it "interesting". No need to mention that it's interesting in a "I want my free country back" way.  at no time was I even slightly rude, loud or discourteous.

The fact that those violating rights never want to be on camera is always telling.

What I find sad is how many people consider this acceptable. They were conditioned to accept it at airports and now the TSA has spread elsewhere. Many people would chastise me for committing the sin of taking a photo instead of keeping my head down. I went to this school. I should damn well be able to take a photo in front of the Blue Hen's stadium on graduation day.

Honestly, had I not been hassled and interrogated for having the gall to take a photo as a free citizen, I would have just kept the photo.  That said, this is America not the damn Soviet Union, so now I think I'll post it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Life With Cerebral Palsy - Surgery – Later Years

In my previous post I talked a little about my experiences with CP and surgeries.   They’ve been a part of my life and while the optimist in me hopes that’s a part that’s past me, the realist in me says otherwise.
Ordinarily you would expect that a kid with CP who had muscle lengthening surgery at 11 wouldn’t make it to 28 without having to have another one, but I managed it.  There are reasons for that, mainly judicious stretching and being an extremely active kid who played sports all the time.  Perhaps I should have had another, perhaps not.  The goal of any good orthopaedic surgeon is to avoid major surgery whenever possible.

So by now you’re probably thinking, if he didn’t have another muscle lengthening surgery, when what the hell is this post about?  Well the effects of rapid growth and muscle  and tendon rigidity on your body and on bones and joints is different for everyone.

In my case the cumulative impact of years of toe walking left me with a mangled , arthritic big right toe, a big bunion, and some ankle problems.  By senior year of high school this had thrown off my stride just enough that I was getting bad knee tendonitis early in cross country season and terrible hip pain.  despite the pain I ran in every single race senior year, but I couldn’t practice.  The entire season was a wash.  I didn’t run a personal best the entire year.  I’d run a race and for the next few days it hurt to walk, hurt to stand in the shower in the mornings, and the coach would forbid me from practicing.

I waited until the end of my Freshman year of college before having bunion surgery to deal with the pain I was having.  Ladies, having experienced the pain that comes with bunions and the corrective surgery I don’t know why you bother with high heels.  A crappy surgeon will just lop off the protruding bunion but what really needs to be done is to fix the toe joints, straighten out the toe and lop off the protruding bunion.  They will often times fuse some of the big toe joints as well.  Another thing that will happen is that as the big toe turns in it puts pressure on the joints of the toe next to it.  I never did have surgery on that toe, but I do have bad arthritis in it now.

I know they did something else in addition to a bunionectomy and fusing my big toe joints, and I have a smaller, second scar on my right calf to prove it, but I can’t remember what the surgeons did.  I’m sure they cut some muscle or tendon somewhere that needed spasticity relieved.  I’ll be honest, these leg surgeries kind of all meld together in my mind and I’d be shocked if I didn’t muddle up details a bit.

I honestly don’t recall all that much from this surgery, which more than likely means it was relatively easy as far as surgeries go.  I can remember having a huge, below the knee walking cast on my right leg, and a piece of metal in my right big toe that, funny enough, looked to me like I had a large paper clip sticking out the end of my toe. 

I still have hip pain, and yes, that damn toe still hurts some times.  I’m also, slowly but surely growing another bunion on it, but like before, I had a problem and I got it fixed.  Easy peasy.  If at some point in the future this foot needs another surgery, then I’ll tackle that.

Somewhere around the time I had the toe surgery, maybe even the year after the bunionectomy I also had surgery to pull some old hardware out of my right foot and ankle that had been put in their during my 1996 surgery.  I had been having issues with my ankle joint popping, snapping, and completely locking up on me.  So the summer before another year of college I decided to go under the knife, have them yank out the hardware, and send me on my way.  Simple right?  I was in my late teens and this was the only surgery I’d ever had done by someone other than Dr. Miller.  I don’t know who the guy was, but whoever he was he decided to give me something like  100 oxycodone for what was a cakewalk of a surgery.  He also gave me the nastiest scar anywhere on my body, and at the end of it all my ankle was exactly the same.  It’s no better now than it was then, and still locks up on me.  Oh well, these surgeries are a bit of a guessing game anyway, and no one bats 100.00

  I’ll never forget a few years ago, I’m sprin ting down the beach with Zack, there are some attractive young ladies walking our way, and just as they’re passing by my ankle locks, I pull up, awkwardly try catch myself, and instead faceplant at full sprint speed into the sand, and the dog looks back at me like “Dude, really?!”  To this day It amuses me, because shit, if I can’t laugh at myself, then who the hell can?

That’s it, those two simple surgeries were my last “leg” surgeries.  This is actually highly unusual for someone with CP, given the spasticity issues we encounter.  Dr. Miller was always a huge proponent of my doing anything and everything I could to delay surgeries.  I have my own suspicions as to why I was so lucky as to not ever need another major muscle lengthening surgery on my legs, but that could be encompassed in another CP post entirely.  As it turns out, I would have one more major surgery that I don’t think Dr. Miller, myself, or my family ever saw as a potential issue.

As I talked about in earlier posts, both bone and muscle growth are impacted by the spasticity inherent in having CP, and around age 18 my body had one last little growth spurt.  One of the places it decided to grow was in my lower jaw bones.  I ended up with an underbite that I could stick a portion of my tongue through.  Yep, you guessed it, it was time for another surgery.

First I had a set of braces put on which did not correct the problem, and then went to see a maxillofacial surgeon.  I can still remember standing there with my father, as the Dr. was holding a skeleton all of the cuts he would make in the upper jaw to realign my bite correctly and the titanium plates and screws that would need to be installed.  I was standing there going “this sounds pretty cool, lets fix me up” and my dad is cringing and continually asking me “are you sure you want to do this?”

January 16, 2006.  That was the day I went under the knife.  I remember because  my sister was in labor with my her first kid, my nephew Jake.  He was born right about the time I woke up from anesthesia. I look at my jaw surgery as kind of a jigsaw puzzle.  They slice up the bones in my upper jaw, move all the pieces forward, line everything back up and then bolt you all back together again, like humpty dumpty.  I also opted to have polyurethane  cheek implants put in based on the surgeons advice.  He explained that without them my face may look sunken in after everything had been moved its new spot.  So I had plastic surgery while they were in there, if you want to call it that.

My understanding is that they are extremely rough with your face during this kind of surgery.  There’s a saw involved, hammering and chiseling  as well as a good deal of brute force.  The surgeon makes incisions at the very top of the inside of your gums and…..folds your skin up off your face so he has room to work. Apparently it showed, because I can remember a few folks who came to visit me crying when they saw me.  Oh, and people didn’t want to let me look at my face.  I must have looked like I got hit by a bus, which is to say, still significantly more handsome than Mayor Bloomberg.

I’ll always remember getting wheeled out of the hospital.  My dad was waiting at the curb and I didn’t want him to see me wheeled out to the car, so I had them wheel me near the entrance and then I walked out to his car and hopped in the front seat.  Dad, who hadn’t seen me at all post-surgery, just kept looking at me, shaking his head, and saying “oh my god” over and over again while admonishing me not to talk when I’d mumble that I’d be fine.  It’s odd the things you remember and the things you don’t.  I don’t remember much of my hospital stay after jaw surgery (this is good, means it went smoothly I guess) but I remember Dad picking me up and the exchange we had.

I would say I made the right decision.  My bite, while not perfect, is far better than it was, and looking at me you’d never know I had major reconstructive surgery on my face, nor is it obvious that I have cheek implants.  Aside from my right foot being turned too far in during one surgery, I don’t regret a single one of my surgeries.  They taught me a lot about life, about taking things one step at a time, and pushing through pain and frustration even when sometimes all I wanted to do was give up.  You learn that no matter how bad shit gets, wounds heal.  Things get better, so be resilient.  Deal with what needs to be dealt with, push through it and get better, so you can get back to kicking ass.

Besides, one thing I’ve learned during my life with cerebral palsy is that the surgeries are the easy part.  It’s the post surgery recovery where the big dude in the sky really tests you.  If you’re wondering what the next post(s) in this series might be, well the sentence preceding this might give you a clue.  I think that’ll be less dry and technical than this post as well.

I am sitting here, about to hit publish on this long languishing post, and my surgically repaired toe is throbbing.  This must be some kind of karmic justice for daring to write a post about my surgeries.  Heh.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone.

Delaware CCDW Update

I filed my application for a Delaware CCDW the first week in April, so it's been 6 weeks.  I e-mailed the Superior Court this morning and this is the response I received.  One thing that I like is, they are very prompt about responding to e-mail inquiries.

" Mr. Mike W.,

due to the astronomical volume of filings and the multi-layered process involved, we are asking that you allow 6 months for processing.  The court appreciates your patience and understanding during the wait."

My bet would be that "astronomical volume of filings" means they got a few thousand CCDW applications at most.  There really aren't that many folks who bother to go through the process because well, one, it's a big pain in the ass, two, it's expensive as hell compared to most states, three, you've got to publish your name and address in the paper, which people are very reluctant to do.

If / when I get my "you're approved" letter, I'll take the class, get the permit, and then immediately drive up to PA to apply for a PA non-resident permit.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hanging it up

It's been pretty obvious that I haven't been posting here with nearly the regularity that I used to, and there's a bunch of reasons for that.  The biggest reason is, I'm just tired of it.  I feel like I'm repeating myself too often.  Living behind enemy lines in a blue state, with a roommate who, politically, is an Obamabot moron, and a father who remains dissollusioned enough to still believe that "if we got rid of all the guns society would be safer" It's just tiring.

 I know a lot of you say we are winning, and objectively I know that's true.  However, it's hard to feel that way when you live in Obama's blue state America.  Hell, I just spent ~$200 on permit crap for a Delaware CCDW for the privilege of waiting for months to see whether some judge & folks at the AG's office are going to allow me to carry concealed in this state.

I haven't been paying attention to news, politics etc. nearly as often, though occasionally something someone posts on Facebook will catch my eye.  Working out, reading, going to the brewery, spending time with friends & family, outside walking the dog, hanging out at the beach, making it to all the nephews lacrosse games on the weekends, all are far more fulfilling things to do than firing up a laptop & posting here.  Y'know, that thing called life.  I'll be at the beach for the next 6 weekends in a row :)

Sure, this doesn't mean this blog will lay completely dormant.  I may still fire up a post whenever, but as far as actual, regular blogging, yeah, not so much.  I still have some posts on CP that I'd like to get up which I think may be of interest to some of you, and I'm sure if I go through my drafts folder there are plenty of posts I can go hit "publish" on.

I suppose this post is no more than a formal acknowledgement of what was already the case.

Have a great summer everyone.  And keep up the fight for our rights!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quote of The Day - 12 Year old Self-Defense

"probably nothing would have happened to her. A guy who went running because a girl shot at him was probably unarmed and would have gone running the moment he knew someone was in the house. now, how would you have felt if she missed him and he got to her and killed her with her own gun? just because someone breaks into a house doesn't mean he deserves to die. that is insane that some people actually believe that it is ok. And those calling a 12 year old a hero because she attempted to murder another person are morally bankrupt. "

-Commenter "Halramin"

Here's a situation where a 12 year old girl is home alone.  A man comes to the door and she doesn't answer.  The man comes to the back door and kicks it in.  The girl calls her mom, who rushes home but also tells her daughter to go grab the family gun, a .40 S&W Glock.  The girl grabs the gun and goes to hide in a closet.  When the man tries to open the door to the closet where she's hiding the girl fires a round, hitting him, and he runs out of the house.  Oh, and the guy had a history of kidnapping young girls.

Now, this anti-gun jackass actually says "probably nothing would have happened to her."  What the fuck?!  He went running after she shot him which means he was "probably unarmed."  Uhh no.  He went running after she shot him because..... he just got shot.  I just cannot even begin to process how these people think.  It is so despicable, so absolutely morally repugnant that I can honestly say I have a hard time having any respect for such a person.  He would rather a 12 year old girl be kidnapped than successfully defend herself with a gun.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother Jones Dishonesty about the NRA

Typical leftist claptrap about the NRA over at Mother Jones about the "NRA's shadowy leaders."  Yes, committees ultimately decide who serves on the board, but at least the rank and file NRA membership has a voice in the matter.  Anti-gunners?  They don't get to choose who leads their organizations, since they have no grassroots, paying membership in the first place.

Mother Jones pulls out the tired old "But NRA members really, really want more gun control" polling numbers.  No. they don't.  If the NRA suddenly started pushing universal background checks, magazine capacity restrictions and the like they would lose a massive number of members and the backlash would be epic.

The entire tone of the article is that NRA members want more gun control, but the NRA, with its shadowy corporate connections to the big, bad, obviously EVIL gun industry just won't allow that.  I did find this bit interesting, as it was used as a reason why the NRA won't support gun control that anti-gun liberals keep telling everyone that NRA members want, and I quote,

"One answer may be their ties to the $11.7 billion gun industry"

Oh yes, the big, bad gun industry that wields all this influence over millions, and literally forces guns into our hands and magically thwarts gun control.....  In reality the gun industry is small potatoes.

Nike made $12 billion in profits last year.  That's more than the entire gun industry combined.

The anti-gun crowd doesn't understand true grassroots support because it has none.  As a result they have to accuse the pro-rights crowd of.......astroturfing.  Yes, the anti-gunners, who have no dues paying members, no convention, no blogger meetups, and a rich billionaire tyrant bankrolling their entire operation with $50 Billion have the chutzpah to accuse us of astroturfing.  I guess the historic recall of Democrats who pushed gun control in Colorado was the result of astroturf, and not one engaged 28 year old plumber who got a recall petition started.  It's interesting that Mother Jones fails to mention that Shannon Watts, the bigoted head of Moms Demand Action, gets a hefty salary and armed security paid for by Bloomberg.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quote of the Day - Anti-Gun Racists

"I have been convinced that gun prohibitionists are the racists – from the anti-Black gun restrictions of the Reconstruction era, through the Sullivan Act, onward to the 1968 banning of Saturday Night Specials and today’s efforts to make urban populations unarmed by fiat.
Everyone of any race should be agitating for 2nd Amendment rights vigorously, since the anti-gunners have tried so hard to keep guns out of the hands of what they see as those races, ethnicities and socioeconomic groups deemed less deserving of those rights for 150+ years."
- Mikee (commenting at sayuncle's)
This.  This is absolutely true, and has been thoroughly documented throughout history.  Of course the anti-gun, anti-rights crowd will just ignore this because it doesn't fit with their world view.  Or, if they're like my roommate they'll make the claim that perhaps blacks are inherently more aggressive and violent than other races, thus necessitating gun control.  I suspect he felt comfortable saying this because he's part black, but it doesn't make the statement any less racist.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Even though he's not doing so well right now, mom is just about at her wits end, and dad is, well.....being his usual self, having my Poppop finally get discharged from the hospital just before Easter was the best holiday gift I could have asked for. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quote of The Day - Royalty

"Royalty was like dandelions. No matter how many heads you chopped off, the roots were still there underground, waiting to spring up again.

It seemed to be a chronic disease. It was as if even the most intelligent person had this little blank spot in their heads where someone had written: “Kings. What a good idea.” Whoever had created humanity had left in a major design flaw. It was its tendency to bend at the knees."

- Terry Pratchett

Yup.  Just look at how common the refrain of "I'm too stupid / irresponsible / dangerous to have rights, take them away from me master........and that other guy, take away his too"

I don't know about my readers, but it irks the hell out of me to hear people refer to the President, Congress, or any of these fools as "our leaders"  They're not my leaders, and if President Obama, any member of Congress, or frankly any odd politician had to step down due to illness or whatnot, they could be easily replaced with pretty much anyone without any real difference.

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Just give them what they want"

Five men and a woman were involved in a disgusting home invasion where they pistol whipped and choked a blind man and beat and raped his wife, who was 6 months pregnant.

This is the world the anti-gun folks want for us.  This is why I will never respect them.  They want us to reason with violent criminals?

There's only one way to "reason" with scumbags who will pull a pregnant woman out of bed and then rape and assault her after she tells them they can have whatever they want from the house as long as they don't hurt her.  You apply lead, liberally.  You don't appeal to their better nature or sense of morality, because there's a good chance they possess neither.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Quote of the Day - Phallic

"yes, because what we should have in this country is every SINGLE person required to carry a gun hanging out like a phalic symbol and let's just forget the law, because we all hate law enforcement (except when we need them) so let's just return to vigilante justice in this country!!! sure! because we know that guns don't kill people, just people pulling the trigger on guns kills people. so, i get it, you carry a gun and i carry a gun and if you piss me off, i just wait for you to walk by my house, i shoot you and then i claim stand my ground! Right;?! people who want unlimited gun ownership and carrying in public and blood-thirsty ghouls, obviously NOT christian (unless Jesus carried a gun-you'll correct if i'm wrong), and won't be happy until this country is covered in blood. the second amendment does NOT guarantee unlimited gun usage, but the right wing, sick ba**tards who feel they have to have a gun to make themselves feel like men(women) and couldn't POSSIBLY find another way to solve a problem, choose to interpret it that way. well, if i ever meet you, and i piss you off, just to let me know, your gun won't impress me nor frighten me. i think anyone who has to have a gun to boost their ego, is pathetic. peace will out and those of us who believe that people should not use violence to stop violence, will endure...the meek will inherit the earth. who said that?(yes, i know the answer)"

A comment to this article

I like this quote from a nasty anti-gunner because it hits on virtually every anti-gun talking point, every bigoted stereotype, shoot em up wild west falsehoods.  Republican hate, SYG hate, etc. etc. etc.  I love the "if I ever meet you, your gun won't impress me nor frighten me"  It's almost cute how vociferously the anti tries to reassure herself.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Quote of the Day - Anti's and the Dunn Case

'The point here is (and I'm SURE you understand) that anyone at anytime can lose it and be capable of murder. Whether it's in a fit or rage, or depression or a slow breakdown that was years in the making. A gun allows them to kill with ease, with no forethought and kill large numbers of people.

ANYONE, even you, can lose it at ANY moment. Ones second you're a responsible, card carrying NRA member, the next you're a murdering, criminal, madman/dirtbag/devil/whatnot.
I don't think the people who lived at the time the 2nd amendment was penned had the kind of pressures and mental illnesses we have today."

- Commenter Kevin117

If theres one thing that all of this focus on "Stand Your Ground" has shown me, it's that it's the very notion of self-defense that anti-gun leftists hate so much.  They're not attacking SYG, hell, they don't even understand what the SYG law is nor do they care to learn or read the law.  What they want taken from you is your ability, your right to defend your own life, leaving the state as the only legitimate actor.

Kevin says basically "anyone can commit murder at anytime." Technically true, but this has always been the case, yet the vast majority of American's don't just snap and go off killing folks.  If people actually acted like Kevin believes they do we'd see a ton more chainsaw mass murders by landscaping workers, mass stabbings by chefs, and a far, far more murders and predatory violence by CCW holders.

I'd bet money that Kevin, sincere in his belief that anyone can, at anytime, "lose it" and commit murder, has no problem with such people driving around him with 3000+ lb. hunks of metal.  I've heard anti's say "If my child had a gun I'd be afraid he'd get angry and shoot me." How sad that they think this about their own child, and yet they're presumably not worried that same kid will grab a steak knife out of the drawer and murder them in anger.

Yes, people can lose their cool.  We are emotional beings and we all get angry.  Somehow though, millions of people don't just wantonly lose their cool on a whim and engage in predatory violence upon their fellow man.  Those who do are a tiny, identifiable subset of the population and tend to do so with regularity.

That police chief in FL at the movie theatre?  He had a bit of a history of getting emotional and angry, a history of confronting people over dumb shit.

I'm going to highlight this part again

"Ones second you're a responsible, card carrying NRA member, the next you're a murdering, criminal, madman/dirtbag/devil/whatnot."

This. This is what the anti's think of us.  Is it any wonder then, why they do not respect our rights?  This kind of hatred of your fellow man, this kind of dehumanization, well it helps explain how people can go along with things like herding Jews into cattle cars.