Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Even though he's not doing so well right now, mom is just about at her wits end, and dad is, well.....being his usual self, having my Poppop finally get discharged from the hospital just before Easter was the best holiday gift I could have asked for. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quote of The Day - Royalty

"Royalty was like dandelions. No matter how many heads you chopped off, the roots were still there underground, waiting to spring up again.

It seemed to be a chronic disease. It was as if even the most intelligent person had this little blank spot in their heads where someone had written: “Kings. What a good idea.” Whoever had created humanity had left in a major design flaw. It was its tendency to bend at the knees."

- Terry Pratchett

Yup.  Just look at how common the refrain of "I'm too stupid / irresponsible / dangerous to have rights, take them away from me master........and that other guy, take away his too"

I don't know about my readers, but it irks the hell out of me to hear people refer to the President, Congress, or any of these fools as "our leaders"  They're not my leaders, and if President Obama, any member of Congress, or frankly any odd politician had to step down due to illness or whatnot, they could be easily replaced with pretty much anyone without any real difference.

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Just give them what they want"

Five men and a woman were involved in a disgusting home invasion where they pistol whipped and choked a blind man and beat and raped his wife, who was 6 months pregnant.

This is the world the anti-gun folks want for us.  This is why I will never respect them.  They want us to reason with violent criminals?

There's only one way to "reason" with scumbags who will pull a pregnant woman out of bed and then rape and assault her after she tells them they can have whatever they want from the house as long as they don't hurt her.  You apply lead, liberally.  You don't appeal to their better nature or sense of morality, because there's a good chance they possess neither.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Quote of the Day - Phallic

"yes, because what we should have in this country is every SINGLE person required to carry a gun hanging out like a phalic symbol and let's just forget the law, because we all hate law enforcement (except when we need them) so let's just return to vigilante justice in this country!!! sure! because we know that guns don't kill people, just people pulling the trigger on guns kills people. so, i get it, you carry a gun and i carry a gun and if you piss me off, i just wait for you to walk by my house, i shoot you and then i claim stand my ground! Right;?! people who want unlimited gun ownership and carrying in public and blood-thirsty ghouls, obviously NOT christian (unless Jesus carried a gun-you'll correct if i'm wrong), and won't be happy until this country is covered in blood. the second amendment does NOT guarantee unlimited gun usage, but the right wing, sick ba**tards who feel they have to have a gun to make themselves feel like men(women) and couldn't POSSIBLY find another way to solve a problem, choose to interpret it that way. well, if i ever meet you, and i piss you off, just to let me know, your gun won't impress me nor frighten me. i think anyone who has to have a gun to boost their ego, is pathetic. peace will out and those of us who believe that people should not use violence to stop violence, will endure...the meek will inherit the earth. who said that?(yes, i know the answer)"

A comment to this article

I like this quote from a nasty anti-gunner because it hits on virtually every anti-gun talking point, every bigoted stereotype, shoot em up wild west falsehoods.  Republican hate, SYG hate, etc. etc. etc.  I love the "if I ever meet you, your gun won't impress me nor frighten me"  It's almost cute how vociferously the anti tries to reassure herself.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Quote of the Day - Anti's and the Dunn Case

'The point here is (and I'm SURE you understand) that anyone at anytime can lose it and be capable of murder. Whether it's in a fit or rage, or depression or a slow breakdown that was years in the making. A gun allows them to kill with ease, with no forethought and kill large numbers of people.

ANYONE, even you, can lose it at ANY moment. Ones second you're a responsible, card carrying NRA member, the next you're a murdering, criminal, madman/dirtbag/devil/whatnot.
I don't think the people who lived at the time the 2nd amendment was penned had the kind of pressures and mental illnesses we have today."

- Commenter Kevin117

If theres one thing that all of this focus on "Stand Your Ground" has shown me, it's that it's the very notion of self-defense that anti-gun leftists hate so much.  They're not attacking SYG, hell, they don't even understand what the SYG law is nor do they care to learn or read the law.  What they want taken from you is your ability, your right to defend your own life, leaving the state as the only legitimate actor.

Kevin says basically "anyone can commit murder at anytime." Technically true, but this has always been the case, yet the vast majority of American's don't just snap and go off killing folks.  If people actually acted like Kevin believes they do we'd see a ton more chainsaw mass murders by landscaping workers, mass stabbings by chefs, and a far, far more murders and predatory violence by CCW holders.

I'd bet money that Kevin, sincere in his belief that anyone can, at anytime, "lose it" and commit murder, has no problem with such people driving around him with 3000+ lb. hunks of metal.  I've heard anti's say "If my child had a gun I'd be afraid he'd get angry and shoot me." How sad that they think this about their own child, and yet they're presumably not worried that same kid will grab a steak knife out of the drawer and murder them in anger.

Yes, people can lose their cool.  We are emotional beings and we all get angry.  Somehow though, millions of people don't just wantonly lose their cool on a whim and engage in predatory violence upon their fellow man.  Those who do are a tiny, identifiable subset of the population and tend to do so with regularity.

That police chief in FL at the movie theatre?  He had a bit of a history of getting emotional and angry, a history of confronting people over dumb shit.

I'm going to highlight this part again

"Ones second you're a responsible, card carrying NRA member, the next you're a murdering, criminal, madman/dirtbag/devil/whatnot."

This. This is what the anti's think of us.  Is it any wonder then, why they do not respect our rights?  This kind of hatred of your fellow man, this kind of dehumanization, well it helps explain how people can go along with things like herding Jews into cattle cars.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anti-gunners are violent - Example # I've lost count

"If we put a bounty on dead gun nuts, the NRA would disappear in a month. And bounties are totally traditionally American, aren’t they?"


Of course this is the same violent, anti-rights, bigoted woman who once wrote this, in absolute seriousness, about NRA members.

"hmm, maybe there's someway these folks can be murdered, or better yet, their family members harmed." 

Given that anti-gunners so often profess to want us dead or at least physically harmed, is it any wonder that they want so badly to disarm us?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quote of the Day - Martin Luther King Jr., Non-Violence and Self-Defense

“Violence exercised merely in self-defense, all societies, from the most primitive to the most cultured and civilized, accept as moral and legal. The principle of self-defense, even involving weapons and bloodshed, has never been condemned, even by Gandhi.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King

From A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, p. 32.

Via Eugene Volokh.

Anti-gunners absolutely HATE when we use MLK to support gun rights.  The claws have come right out every time ive ever done it.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Quote of the Day - Betters?

"I’m always fascinated by people who think that humans are too stupid to manage their own lives, but as long as the same, stupid humans are ‘elected’ into an office or ‘picked by those elected into office’ that somehow their stupidity is erased and suddenly, they are braniac geniuses who somehow manage to overcome the basic human instinct of self-preservation and betterment and are wholly sinless beings without fault."

- Robb Allen

Yup.  I will never understand the thinking of people who think politicians should run amok telling people how to live their lives because the general public is just too damn stupid.  You just want to scream at these people and say "And who elected these wise, omnipotent politicians? Those very same stupid members of the general public. And where did those wise philosopher kings come from? Oh, from within the same general public that can't be trusted to live their own lives."


In the end I, like Robb, just don't get it, and probably never will.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quote of the Day - The Norm

"I think gun ownership and use was quite acceptable in American society from the settlement of Jamestown up to the 1960s. Then, largely under the influence of the mass media, it became less favored. After half a century of that, it is returning to the norm. "

- Dave Hardy

Dave made this comment while referencing a report about the growing number of women gun owners.  To be sure, there are still pockets of America that are stuck in the "Dark ages" so to speak, where the word "gun" is spoken in hushed tone like it's something to be ashamed of.  That said, even here, in Blue State Delaware a lot of people intuitively get it.  The shrieking, hysterical, anti-gun Moms Demand types are few and far between.

Honestly, of the in person conversations that have come due to my open carrying I can think of exactly two that were negative. Three if you count the guy from MD who hurried along like he'd seen a ghost after seeing me OC on the beach. One of those negatives was nothing more than a security guard who asked me to leave.  The other was a man who told me it made he and his daughter feel uncomfortable.  It seems that more and more these days, people are positive, curious and engaging when they see someone open carrying.  Heck, just the other day a cashier at the local ACME asked why I wasn't carrying gun X and then proceeded to chat with me about what I was having done to it after I told him it was at the gunsmith.

If people were anywhere near as scared shitless of OC'ers as the anti-gun folks like to claim I wouldn't have people approaching me and asking me questions.  Rather, people would treat me like a leper everywhere I went, which simply isn't what happens at all.

The more people see that gun owners and carriers are just like them, their neighbors, friends, co-workers etc. the more the programmed prejudice and stereotypes promulgated by the liberal, anti-gun media fades away.  By and large, the people who are the most vehemently anti-gun, the ones who are the most intolerant and quickest to proudly spout their bigotry, are those who have little to no exposure to any "gun culture." They don't know people who own guns, especially the non-PC ones, they don't know open carriers or people with carry permits, NRA members etc. So they lash out at what they don't know / don't understand.

It's hard for folks to hang onto the "All gun owners / NRA members are evil people who want more dead children" BS propaganda when they actually KNOW someone who carries a gun everyday and think "He's one of the nicest people I know."  I've found that for people who are mildly anti-gun who didn't previously know that I carry & own lots of guns, the revelation really throws them for a loop.  You can almost see the "Does Not Compute" going through their mind as they try and reconcile the dichotomy of the prejudicial stereotype they have of gun-toting NRA members vs. what they know of Mike W. the person.

Just look at sales of AR-15 type rifles.  The leftist media has done everything in their power to demonize them, yet if you visit almost any range in America you will see an evil black rifle.  Whether you're a gun person or not, you know people who own one of those evil AR-15's that leftists want banned.  Here we are a decade after the Federal Assault Weapon ban expired, and two decades after it's inception, and so called "assault weapons" like AR-15's are the norm among the American public.  Hows that for normalization?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lesson on Police Protection

So I get a call the other day from my Mother the other day and it goes something like this "Hey, Are you off today?  Did you drop by our house?" Me "No. I'm at work. Why?"

Well apparently here's why.

Dad was downstairs on the computer and thought he heard someone walking around upstairs, so he left the house and called the police.  The cops showed up 20 minutes later (for a hey, I think there's someone in my house, call) and cleared the house while having dad watch the front door.  In this case no one was there and dad was just hearing things.  Funny that, since he has tinnitus and is hard of hearing, yet he adamantly denies he can't hear and refuses to get a hearing aid or even get his hearing tested..

Now, imagine someone actually WAS in your house and wanted to hurt you.  Even if that 20 minute response time is cut way, way down it's going to take at least 5 minutes.  What are you going to do in the time between the call and when the cops arrive? 

Why guns?  That's why guns, folks!*

*Although in dad's case he's vehemently anti gun and I sure as hell wouldn't trust him with one.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting Older, Getting Smarter

In this post I referenced an instance at our Holiday Luncheon for work, where I stubbornly tried to carry the case of beer I got as a gift down a flight of stairs, fell, and very nearly broke all the beer.

At this years Christmas luncheon my boss also gave me a case of Dogfish Head 60 minute, and I at least had the good sense to suck up my pride and say "I need help"

Still, even though I know I can't do it without help, I still feel like a schmuck handing a case of beer to a woman 20 years my senior because I can't carry it down a total of 10 steps.

On another note, I've noticed of late that if I try to stand on my weak leg and balance I can actually do it for at least long enough to start counting.  Back when I was getting physical therapy from the students at UD I honestly couldn't stand on my right leg for more than 2-3 seconds before I'd fall over.

6 years

I started this blog on December 10, 2007.  The first comment ever was posted by Breda on December 11th 2007.

Blogging may be dead, but this blog isn't quite dead yet, despite the extreme lack of posting the last two months.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey Man, Nice Shot

My brother and 8 year old nephew went on their annual goose hunting trip around Thanksgiving this year.

Not only was this the first year he got a goose, he managed two with one shot!  Badass.

Now I'm eating the jerky my brother made from the birds.  It's amazing jerky.  I'm not usually a big jerky fan but this stuff is full of flavor, cut very thin and most importantly not overly salty.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jay G. on Zimmerman Trial

Jay G. hits one out of the park today.  Go read the whole thing.

Of particular interest to me is his discussion of "the talk" fathers have with their sons.  People think "the talk" is something only black fathers give to their black sons which, according to my roommate, should include a bunch about racial inequities, white privilege etc. etc.

My father had the talk with me, and I don't recall him driving the point home that some people will treat me with derision because of my skin color.  I had to learn that sad reality on my own.  No.  The talk was about respect, how to act, how to respond to police / authority (even if they're wrong) and generally how to stay the hell out of trouble.

I've spent my whole life engaging in conflict avoidance.  I'm not one to have frequent moments of macho bravado where I need to prove my manhood. I've had people get in my face, provoke me, threaten me, say nasty shit about me, and even strike me and I've never felt compelled to just pounce and pummel someone.  Somehow I've lived my whole life so far without engaging in predatory violence.  For all you racists out there, the difference is upbringing and culture, NOT inherent traits.  Black men are not inherently more violent or more prone to violence simply because they are black men.  Hearing that disgusts me to no end.  I've heard it from my own part-black roommate, that they are inherently more violent and aggresive than other races and therefore perhaps we should deny them 2nd Amendment rights.  I was floored by that statement from a black man.

 I was taught to respect women, and to stand up for them.  I was taught that you can stand up for yourself and be a good man without throwing down and throwing haymakers at anyone who catches your ire or "disrespects" you.

The "gangsta" culture Trayvon was a part of teaches entirely different lessons.  You can cry racism all you like, but this cultural difference is a serious problem, particularly among some black, urban youth.  It colors how they act, react, how and when they consider violence appropriate, and how cheaply they view their own lives and the lives of others.  Couple the influence of that culture, a broken home life and the general impulsive nature of teenage boys and it's not hard to see why Martin didn't just run the ~70 yards home in the several minutes he had to do so.

Martin was a lost youth.  He was going down the path of thuggery and violence that claims far, far to many young black men. Drinking "sizzup" posing with guns and bundles of jewelry, apparent homophobia etc. etc.  This was not some innocent young flower with tea and skittles.  This was a strong young man whose mother had sent him to live elsewhere because she couldn't control him.  This was a young man who, according to his friend, was the only one to make overtly racist statements.  This was a young man who had a serious problem with fighting and had been given a 10 day suspension.  When I was in HS you had to do a lot to warrant a 10 day suspension.Thank you violent gangsta rapper culture.  Money, guns, drugs, hoes, and wanton violence as a means of gaining and maintaining "respect" all combined with a lack of parenting and no positive male role model.......and we wonder why the Trayvon's of the world end up the way they do.  He chose the wrong victim to assault and is dead because of it.  You want truth?  Had he chose to engage in the same actions against an inner city black drug dealer he'd be just as dead and you and I wouldn't even know his name.

If I were black I would NOT be Trayvon, because I have an entirely different set of morals and values.  When a community as a whole fails young blacks this is what you get.  That is NOT to say that you can paint any young black man with the same broad brush.  I would be the first to call people who do so genuinely racist.  However, to ignore that it is a problem and in fact the central problem, one that heavily influenced Martin's actions and death, is the true travesty here.

Zimmerman and his family on the other hand had a history of mentoring, taking in, and standing up for black youth.  Nothing in his background would indicate that he's a racist.  Quite the opposite in fact, yet the narrative is that he's an evil racist who hunted down a poor black boy.  He helped mentor black children, and continued to do so after funding for the program ran out.  His family helped raise black children who spent yearly every day with him.  Nothing in his prior time doing neighborhood watch points to racism.  In short, there's not a shred of evidence in his background to indicate racism against blacks.  It's been proven the racist utterances on the 911 tapes were in fact not.  A "white hispanic" killed a "young black"  In the eyes of some this is proof positive of Zimmerman's racism.

Now, the claim of the NAACP and others is that "These punks, they always get away" is racist and racial code.  Now me, being a reasonable man, when I use the word "punks" I'm referring to thugs, criminals, those up to no good, without reference to any one skin color.  A thug is a thug, black, white, hispanic or asian. a punk is a punk, black, white, hispanic or asian.  In point of fact the only racial epithet utttered in this conflict was an overtly racist statement by Martin, not Zimmerman. To read racism into "These punks, they always get away." is, in a word, insane. 

It wasn't the legal system that failed Trayvon Martin.  It was culture.  A culture that contributes to the murder of thousands of Trayvon Martin's every single year.  Martin supporters are engraged at racism, declaring it "open season on young blacks" by this mythical, dangerous creature known as the "White Hispanic with a CCW permit." In all of society CCW holders are among the least likely to murder or prey upon others.

 Truth is a young black man is far more likely to be gunned down by a fellow black who is carrying illegally.   An inconvenient truth for some to realize, but truth nonetheless. It's insane for the left to be claiming that It's "open season on young black men to be hunted down by whites with guns."  Nowhere in this country is there an epidemic of this occurring, and there hasn't been for many decades.  A white / white hispanic CCW holder presents such a low risk of harm to the average black man as to be statistically insignificant.  By and large blacks murder other blacks and whites murder other whites.  The only key difference is that Blacks do so at exponentially higher rates, and that black on white murder occurs at a significantly higher rate than white on black murder.

Perhaps, if they were willing to put aside all the needless racial emotion and be introspective they might gain perspective and hone in on real problems.  They would rather scream about racial injustice to the rest of America than face the inconvenient truth about what's happening in their own communities, where several Trayvon's are senselessly murdered by other young blacks.  

I fear we will never see that occur, just like we will never see President Obama come out and admonish the young blacks who are predominantly attacking non-whites in these "knockout games" and the "flash mobs" before that.  We will never have an "honest discussion" because race hustling only works one way, and the race hustlers, particularly those on the left, are not interested in honesty nor discussion.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Overly Cautious?

My nightstand gun sits next to my bed each night with the barrel facing away from me.  However, the way my room is situated this means it's pointing directly at me when I shower each morning.  So what I've done for the past few years is to turn the gun facing the opposite direction before I hop in the shower each day.

Yeah, I know it's weird, but I don't like loaded guns pointed at me even if they're not currently being held by a human.