Sunday, January 27, 2008

completely not gun / politics related

Instead, pictures of my Lab.


breda said...

oh, I love the 1st one! Happy dog!

Nicki said...

He's GORGEOUS!!! I have a black lab and a boxer. Both purebred. Sweet!

Mike W. said...

And Breda, he's 5 now (I think) and his balls are still intact.

Most unneutered male dogs are aggressive, extra hyper and don't play well with other dogs. Not Zack, he's super mellow (although he does LOVE to play)

Nicki, has your lab ever sat in front of the TV when the have those televised dog jumping contest? He doesn't usually watch TV, but he does when that's on.

Of course he also barks & runs to the door when a doorbell rings on TV, silly dog.