Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guess I didn't get the memo

According to anti-gun people, I'm supposed to look like this.

Nikki has a post up where she thoroughly fisks a Reuters article claiming gun-ownership is declining in the U.S. Of course they get their talking points from Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center. (no bias there) and the "statistics" they use come from the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center. NORC receives funding from the Joyce Foundation, a well-known Chicago based gun control group.

I'll never understand how you can call it "journalism" when you publish an article using "facts" from an advocacy group with an obviously skewed agenda on the topic being discussed. Pro-gun people don't go around citing "facts" and quotes directly from the NRA, but that's because we don't have to.


BobG said...

Actually, those guys look like a couple of over-the-hill hippies to me...

Mike W. said...

Oops. Well if that's the case then I've insulted rednecks everywhere.