Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was watching the local news last night and they were discussing violence in Philly (what's new?)

Anyway, they were holding town-hall meetings with the new Police Commissioner and I heard some things I couldn't believe. One, the PD's plan is to "put more officers out on the streets." The best they can hope for with that approach is a temporary lull in crime, and probably an uptick in police shootings. You have a community, a culture that glorifies drugs & violence and refuses to cooperate with law enforcement to help put criminals in jail. The cops can only do so much.

The police commissioner also told residents to "stop pointing their guns at police" Umm DUH! One of the women at the meeting was the mother of a teen shot by police and she was outraged at the increase in shootings by police. Her son was selling drugs and had run from the cops. He then turned towards them and reached into his pocket. I'm sorry but I have a hard time feeling remorse for such people. If you pull a gun on the cops, or act like you're going to you will probably get shot. Stop pulling guns on the cops you idiots! If you keep it up, you're going to get shot. Tough luck. Deal with it.

I also heard them pleading with Philly residents to stop the violence for 42 days in recognition of Martin Luther King day. Yeah, pleading with violent criminals will surely work. All we have to do is ask them to stop and the violence will subside. Right.

The problems in the inner cities are cultural and socioeconomic. Until you address the root causes you cannot quell the violence. The violence is symptomatic of deeper problems and guns are merely a tool used by those who perpetrate violence. If guns simply didn't exist these same people would be using knives and swords against unarmed victims. Only the tool used would change, the results would not.

Let me lay out a few of the problems as I see them. Lack of education, single-parent homes with no father figures or positive role models, the objectivization and subjugation of women as perpetuated by the thug / rap culture. The glorification of violence and the "stop snitching" campaigns. Welfare and reliance on government fixes and handouts. I'm sure that's only a small list of issues facing inner-city residents. I just wish people would focus on the real problems rather than resorting to gun control.

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