Thursday, March 6, 2008

Guns in 2008

Ok, so for the remainder of 2008 I will not be buying anymore guns. (barring any serious AWB legislation of course) This will not include non-firearms, I.E. ammo, targets, slings/sling mounts, mags, rails, and refinishing work.

I was telling my FFL this on Tuesday when I picked up the P6. He laughed and said "yeah right, you'd better buy a bigger safe because you're going to keep buying regardless. I won't go into specifics as to how or where I store things, but let's just say that all pistols are safely locked away in a secure location, as are all loaded mags I own. Anything else is stored in such a way that it's non-functional and inaccessible. Bulk ammo's the only thing I don't keep locked up.

I probably will end up buying that Spikes Tactical .22 upper this year, but that's it, and that's not classified as a "gun" anyway.

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