Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Left is really starting to piss me off....

I'm not kidding when I say I'm scared of the damage Barack Obama could do to this country in 4 years. The man isn't just a naive idealist, I'm thoroughly convinced that he's either intentionally deceitful or a complete idiot. I say Obama because I think Clinton is finished. She'll stay in the race of course, but she's done. What scares me most is that this man could have the opportunity to appoint several uber-liberal Supreme Court Justices. That alone could fuck over this country (and all 2A gains we've made) far more than anything Obama could accomplish in 4 years in the Oval Office.

Clinton and other lefties are just as bad as Obamarama, although with Clinton we know that everything she does and says is a result of her insatiable lust for power. Why else would she spend $6.4 MILLION of her own money when she's already statistically lost? She spouts a populist message, talks of helping people and taking from the rich. If her intentions were altruistic why not concede defeat and give that $6.4 million to charity? Oh, you mean all that bullshit is supposed to apply to other people?

Barack Obama's entire platform of hope, change, honesty, and "doing away with the politics of old" is a sham. It's complete and utter bullshit. He says he doesn't take money from lobbyists, yet he served on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation (anti-gun group) for years. Hypocritical don't ya think? When asked about the D.C. gun ban he says he "doesn't issue opinions on pending cases," yet he issued a written amicus brief regarding the recent voting ID case that came to the SCOTUS. Sure seems like he issues opinions on such cases doesn't it?

Here's his statement

“Voting is our most basic right and one of our most important responsibilities as Americans,” said Senator Obama. “Any law that creates discriminatory barriers to the exercise of this fundamental right should be immediately revoked....we must continue to ensure that all Americans, including our country’s most vulnerable citizens, have equal, unfettered access to the polls in every state.”

Replace the word "voting" with "guns" and Obama supports exactly that which he's bitching and whining about above. The gun control laws he supports create "discriminatory barriers to exercise" and they most certainly impact the country's most vulnerable citizens. Gun control is blatantly discriminatory against those who most need a means of self-defense. Requiring ID to vote is NOT unconstitutional. It is absolutely a narrowly tailored, legitimate State interest to be able to verify the identity of those who come out to vote. Think about it, if I'm voting in State elections shouldn't the government verify that I'm actually a resident of the state? The only large group that's likely to have no form of State ID are illegal immigrants who shouldn't be voting anyway. (of course illegals are a major Democratic voting block, so Obama's stance on this issue should be no surprise.) Why else do you think Obama supports giving them Driver's Licenses and helping pay their tuition?

There are plenty of other examples of Clinton / Obama idiocy of course. In one of the earlier debates both said they wouldn't raise taxes on those making under a certain amount ($200K I think) yet when pressed both said they'd consider raising the Capital Gains tax. They essentially said "we won't raise taxes...... but we will," in the span of a few sentences. Even when pressed with data showing that raising capital gains stifles investment and reduces overall tax revenue Obama wouldn't yield. He basically said "to hell with your pesky facts, I'll raise taxes if I want to." Typical of a liberal. If faced with facts, ignore them.

Obama not a month ago said he could "no sooner disown Rev. Wright than he could his own grandmother or the black community." Now? Now he's done exactly that because it's politically expedient. He also now downplays his relationship, saying that he never considered Wright as a spiritual advisor or father figure when he said exactly that earlier in his campaign.

The man who claims to be all for bringing about "Change we can believe in" and says he's a unifier then alienates rural gun-owners and church-goers. He also makes remarks about "typical white people." Quite the unifier eh?

Oh, did I mention he wants to raise taxes on oil companies in an attempt to lower gas prices? When has raising taxes on a particular product ever lowered its price? Hello basic economics? Hello basic common sense?

Obama can go to hell. He epitomizes everything that is wrong with this country. He's racist, condescending, blindly idealistic, collectivist, arrogant and just flat out stupid. I think I pissed a few liberals off the other day when I said I'd vote for GWB again if it meant keeping Obama out of office.

There are a million other policy issues I could discuss on which I think Obama is dead wrong (such as the UN) but I think it's safe to say I despise the man and his bat-shit insane wife.

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