Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Am I ever going to make it to the range?

I couldn't make it last weekend, couldn't go after work today, and can't go on Saturday because I have my nephew's christening in the morning. Hopefully Sunday. I hate that the range closes at 3PM four days a week.

Remember - slow and smooth, focus on the front sight. This is really important because I have a tendency to rush my shots.


Anonymous said...

Hey 2ndA lovers,

I admit that I don't get you guys, but I have a propsition to make. What would you say to taking me, a die hard liberal who has never really fired a gun to a range for a shoot or two?

I'd pay my way and post about it on my blog DelawareLiberal. The post would be on the level and not a hatchet job. (I have a couple of right wing friends who can attest to my word on this if you think I'm trying to pull some sneaky liberal shit.)

Anyway, it would give my readers into what you guys are all about and help create some real dialogue. What do you say?

email me at jason330(at) if you think this sounds like a good idea. If not that's okay too.

- jason330

Mike W. said...

I'm a bit apprehensive about this, but why not? So long as you're not prohibited from owning & using a firearm.

I would ask that you be willing to sit down prior to shooting so I can walk you through the 4 rules and basic functions.

This may not happen for a bit (as you can see from my post I have trouble just getting myself to the range.) I'll shoot you an e-mail and we'll work out the details if you're interested.

Do you live in the NCC area?

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm about 25 mimutes from the Ommelanden Range.

I swear it will be on the level and I'll all about safety.

Anonymous said...

Jason - I can so totally take you on the range...

Anonymous said...

Mike- Buying a pellet gun and pellet trap can let you shoot at home. It is also good for teaching new shooters.

Laura said...

jason330 - KUDOS, sir, for making an attempt to understand the "other side." there need to be more of you.

i applaud your open-mindedness.