Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Delaware Liberal

Head on over..... and bring a barf bag. Also, don't expect any intelligent debate in the comments. I tried to point out some of their fallacies and was met with childish personal attacks, one sentence responses, or comments that completely changed the subject. They came to my blog and did the same thing in comments to my Sig P226 giveaway post. You can see my posts under "Mike W."

Thanks Rusty for piquing my curiosity with your post. I should have known based upon what was said about Pfc. Dwyer on their site. It's really like trying to reason with petulant children over there.


Rustmeister said...

It was an anti-gun post on News Alerts that took me there in the first place, but the Dwyer thing just set me off.

Anonymous said...

good thing you don't cling to guns and religion

Sebastian said...

Next time they come over, raise the alarm. We'll bring in the cavalry.

Anonymous said...

oh that was too funny...

are you going to smoke me out of my cave too?


oh you want me dead or alive?

Mike W. said...

Don Viti - Good thing eh? If I did I'd be "bitter" and based on your comments I'm not the one who's bitter, hostile, and basking in ignorance.

You and DMAB only prove my point with every comment here and on DE Liberal. You don't even bother to use facts, logic, or calm substantive debate. In fact, I'm convinced you don't even read my comments prior to responding.

Sebastian - No use. I think they're immune to our primary and secondary weapons. (facts and logic) Hell read the most recent post over there. It's entitled "I feel" and uses those words constantly. It seems that emotion trumps reason for these guys. Facts don't matter, and the only history that matters is the last 8 years.

BobG said...

Looks like you've picked up a couple of idgits. You know you've done something right when they start following you home.

Mike W. said...

bob - Yeah I think I kicked up a shitstorm in a couple of threads over there. It's good reading even though they dance around my points like imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

you think you kicked up a shit storm?

no you got a little bit of attention and got a chubby b/c people talk to you while you sit on the computer all day.

It will go away...just like you will. We have had your kind before and they go away after a few weeks.

Usually they argue for a while how Bush didn't do this, didn't do that

then, low and behold a few months later, It comes out that Bush did do it

and...presto you guys disappear.

Sebastian said...

Bush, what? What does this have to do with Bush?

More importantly, why does everything for the left have to do with Bush? I, for one, will be as glad to see him go as you.

Maybe we need a Godwin's Law for Bush.

Mike W. said...

It's particularly funny that he brings up Bush since I'm a small L libertarian and will be just as happy to see Bush go as many on his site.

Problem is, if you're not a good little "hope & change" liberal it's automatically assumed you must be a Bush lover.