Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dirty Stuff

Does anyone else find 9mm Remington UMC green box to be really dirty? I hate cleaning after I've shot this stuff.

It could be worse though, I could be shooting lacquer coated Wolf. Why do people buy Wolf pistol ammo when you can get Blazer Aluminum for virtually the same price?


mike's spot said...

some wolf can be reloaded. I've run some of their 223 casings a number of times. surprisingly, they had pretty good primer pockets. uniform and snug.

a lot of guys are turning to steel cases to reload simply because brass isn't as easy to come by. I'm sure some guys reload the aluminum, I think a guy over on glocktalk did a couple times, but they split after one or two loadings.

I got 5 out of the 223 stuff before I chucked it.

I've been trying to get Derek at the packing rat into reloading and casting- are you going to be my next victim Mike?

Anonymous said...

I've not noticed UMC to be particularly dirty, but the last stash I bought was over six months ago. It's possible they've changed powders.

My last big purchase was 500 rounds of Blazer Brass, which I ran through my CZ in one day, no cleaning or lubing, with no malfunctions. It's good stuff.

Got 500 rounds of Georgia Arms "Canned Heat" on the way; we'll see how it shoots...

Mike W. said...

Hmm. I didn't know you could reload steel and aluminum. They don't get too brittle?

TD - Maybe It was just this box. My fingers were visibly dirty even after loading up my mags. I have one box left and probably won't buy anymore after that. There's other stuff that's better / cleaner for the same price.

Blazer brass is good stuff, though right now I've been stocking up on Blazer Aluminum. I looked into Georgia Arms, but after shipping it's pretty expensive for reloads. I guess it wouldn't be bad stuff to pick up and store as SHTF ammo.