Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FBI Director Mueller's Remarks on Heller

Mueller is wary of the SCOTUS ruling and thinks it will jeopardize campus safety.

Here's yet another government agent, who assuredly has an armed security detail, effectively telling us peasants that "guns r' bad m'kay?"

Campus safety could be jeopardized? How so exactly? Almost all of them are "gun free zones" anyway, and that particular campus safety policy has clearly been a smashing success in recent years.

Also, the article is wrong on a few points. Heller did not uphold the Constitutionality of licensing. It simply didn't address that issue because D.C.'s licensing law wasn't challenged by Mr. Heller.

Mueller, a former marine in Vietnam, says,

"I tend to believe weapons harm people and more often than not they harm the people carrying them."

Oh really!? I suppose Mueller will be calling for all FBI agents to turn in their weapons since they're more likely to cause harm to their carriers? I suppose he'd have preferred to be unarmed during his service in Vietnam?

Mueller hopes college campuses will be gun-free. Come on Director Mueller, jump on Obamarama's "Hope & Change" bandwagon and travel to a wonderful world where all you have to do is "hope" for something and it will be so. I suppose Obama and the President don't need bodyguards anymore either. They can just hope that no one will hurt them. In fact, all anyone needs is a little more "hope," a little more "change" and maybe some unwavering faith in "The Messiah" and the world can be a better place for us all.

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