Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not A Good Way To Start Off A New Shooter

Back when I was a kid my mom went to the range with a few of the local cops we know. That was her one and only range trip (though I hope to bring her to the range with me at some point)

Anyway, she brought home some brass and her target as souvenirs and I had the target on my bedroom door for a few years. That target has been gone for years now, and I'd misplaced the brass until just recently. Here's what I found. A +P+ .38 casing. No wonder it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience.

Mom doesn't know much about what she shot (I've asked) although I do know she shot a DA revolver and that "the trigger was really hard to pull." She also shot an AK-47 and an unknown rifle. We actually have pictures of this somewhere. In one shot you can see her shooting the rifle during recoil with the gun having actually jumped out of her hands. Clearly whatever they had her shoot was not a .22

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