Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's Anti-Gun Bigot

"As to gun-toting pastors, I’m sure there are some, just as there are pedophile priests and pastors who rob their flock blind. Any organized religion has it’s share of sinners and nuts. That doesn’t make them the role model for the rest of us."

Rebecca - A member of Progressive Democrats for Delaware


Anonymous said...

Curse you for pointing out Delaware's Densest Liberal.

I shouldn't argue with them, but my goal isn't to talk to them but to talk to the readers who might think they have a valid point, which they don't. I'm just there to point that out.

Mike W. said...

I agree, that's the reason I post on sites like that, not to convince the left wing nuts, but to sway any others who happen to come across my comments.

Sorry I got you sucked into that hellhole.