Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looks Like Folks Are Learning

Louisiana residents are reportedly buying up lots of AR-15's and .223/5.56 in preparation for hurricane Gustav. I'm glad to hear it. They're learning that having a firearm can be essential for protecting life & property in the aftermath of a natural disaster. What good are the generator and other preparations you've bought if you can't defend them from theft?

Thankfully Louisiana doesn't have a waiting period for firearms purchases. Waiting a week to buy the gun wouldn't help them much in this situation now would it?

Speaking of disaster preparedness, we really should own a generator. Our neighbors have one and have been nice enough to share it with us a few times when we lost power. Still, they're an invaluable thing to have and not all that expensive.

I'm off to the beach for the rest of the weekend. Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Anonymous said...

So, the AR-15, you hunt what with that?

Anonymous said...

Would you prefer they be buying a less scary looking gun Nemski?

Evil black "assault weapons" are dangerous. Right? Can't have people defending their homes & families with those. They should just use deer rifles instead I suppose?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, anyone who claims they hunt with an AR-15 is either lying or knows so little about hunting they may as well hunt with a stapler.

Best, JadeGold

Mike W. said...

Since Jadegold is such an expert on guns, and particularly the AR-15 I'm sure he can give us an excellent explanation of why the AR-15 is unsuitable for any type of hunting and unsuitable for the topic of this post (home defense during natural disasters)

Of course we all know he's full of it and has NO clue what's he's talking about. Also, my post had nothing to do with hunting, nor does the 2nd Amendment or the reason people were buying up guns pre-Gustav.

And people can and do hunt with AR's. I don't, but then again I don't hunt.

Mike W. said...

"So, the AR-15, you hunt what with that?"

Nemski - The un-pc answer is you "hunt" looters and home invaders.

NotClauswitz said...

.223/5.56 is plenty good medicine on coyotes both two-legged and four, but 6.8SPC is mo'betta!
How did you get that Fabulous nimrod JackGeld as a blubbering troll? Amazing puppet on a string!

Mike W. said...

Dirtcrashr - I'm not sure. I think he found me somehow from my commenting over at DelawareLiberal.

Not that I mind really. His "arguments" are laughable and he consistently makes a fool of himself by stating things that are verifiably untrue, and often just plain stupid. (his AR-15 hunting comment is a perfect example...)

none said...

I wonder if nagin and his looting goons plan on disarming any homeowners this hurricane season?

NotClauswitz said...

I had an occasional troll last year but all he did was spew swear-words at gunnies, not even a non-viable or a retarded comment like JuicyGoon.