Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quote of the Day x2

since all I have right now are a few unfinished posts.... I give you these.

"Mikie do i understand from you blog that you have guns???This doesn’t seem to fit with the fact that you stated that you had CP.explaine how you can keep your aim on the target with this shaking illness."

-Truth Teller on Delaware Liberal (that from people who accuse others of ignorance)

"Hey Mike i just found out that you are 22 years old.... i am about to see if you truly believe all the bullshit you have been supporting here.... so here is the Question and your answer and actions will reveal your true belief’s and if you are serious about them. WHY HAVEN”T YOU JOINED OUR HERO TROOPS IN IRAQ AND AFGAN ? Or are you just another Repuk troll CHICKENHAWK??? There is a recuting station in down town Wilmington I expect to see your ass down there tommorow if not go away Mommy’s boy."

Truth Teller on Delaware Liberal


Anonymous said...

Did the compassion in the world just go up a few notches or is it me?

Lovely people.

I'm willing to be TruthTeller would call 911 if her house was on fire but is TOO SCARED TO JOIN THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!!!!!

Those people really have nothing but insults, do they. Not worth the time any more, Mike. Seriously.

Mike W. said...

I know, but I do enjoy posting on non-gun issues from time to time on their site. On slow days at work.

the pistolero said...

Oh, considering that I have Cerebral Palsy as well, now that just pisses me the HELL off. Sweet bleedin' Barnabus, these people are disgusting.

Rustmeister said...

Dang, Mike, you certainly are developing quite the fan base, aren't you? =)

Robb's counter is perfect, I'll have to steal it and use it as my own.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're hanging around with a classy crowd there :-)

breda said...

Are all liberals incapable of proper grammar and spelling?

Mike W. said...

No not all, just these folks. I have a great deal of respect for some liberals, even if I disagree with them.

Sebastian of Progunprogressive is a "liberal" on some issues and I respect the hell out of him. Hell, the man puts his life on the line in order to better his community.

Anonymous said...

DTB and his ilk are fun to play with if for no other purpose than to watch them dig their own holes.

mike's spot said...

wow pretty bigoted stuff coming from a crowd that seems to preach tolerance. Not all libs are bad- I agree, but man there are some wonders over there that would make you really question the quality of person that is attracted to that site.

Anonymous said...

Truth Teller:

I know you probably visit this blog everyday. Drives you crazy that so many people think you're an idiot, doesn't it?

Mike and others handle you eloquently. I respect them for that. That being said, I'm a little bit too feisty for that. I would just rather tell you what to do, where to do it, and how.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would double check your comments before posting them. Have you ever considered the Dictionary to help you with your insults? Truly, you would look like less of a dumbass...even if you remain as such. I know it's a stretch, but we do believe in miracles. We believe that one day people with less than average brain function will be hit by a Mack truck....and if we cross our fingers, you might just get some sense from it.

I have read EXTENSIVELY the problems associated with CP. Shaking illness? I bet your eyes cross when you think too much, don't they?

Here's what to do: Since your face probably looks like a road map to hell, you might as well be on your way. I'm just trying to save you some time. I'm just sweet like that. Pack a lunch, go to hell, and enjoy your stay.

You wondering why some of us are thinking you're an idiot? You make it plainly obvious.

Anonymous said...

i will admit it was a pretty stupid comment. but in all honesty the guy is like 80 years old...

Mike W. said...

"DBB- so you'll make apologies for TT's comments because "he's 80 years old" but you jump all over McCain's age anytime he says something you don't like?"

TT knew EXACTLY what he was saying to me, don't prop his age up as a crutch or excuse. God knows you folks attack me based solely on my age constantly.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why they created nursing homes that have nurses who beat the elderly....Truth Teller is a prime example.

Let me guess, the idiot probably still drives. And I don't give a damn that I am disrespecting some elderly dumbass. I can only imagine how horrible he must have been in his youth.