Friday, August 29, 2008

Quote of The Day

"I can't claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled."

- Republican VP Sarah Palin on smoking marijuana

I like her the more I find out about her. It's a shame she's not pro-choice, though I understand that picking a pro-choicer is still a liability within the conservative base of the Republican Party. I really wish the Republicans would drop the anti-abortion & anti-gay stances they've held for so long. I think those two issues alone turn most of my generation off to the Republican party.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, whichever way she feels about the abortion issue is irrelevant for the office. She won't be signing legislation, there wouldn't be any legislation to sign anyway, and the courts won't allow anything considered a serious infringement.

DJK said...
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DJK said...

I'm with you on the abortion and the gay marriage. If they're elected I believe the party will begin to change. A lot of the old codgers are well...getting old and the ideas will probably be driven by the younger pols. The GOP needs to change it's ideology if it wants to survive in the long run.

War on drugs - bad
Freedom of choice/privacy - good

mike's spot said...

My ideal party would be pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-gun, and pro-labor.

I'd call it the pro rights party. Basically it'd acknowledge people aren't stupid, and by empowering them with more rights, people will lift each other higher.

Mike W. said...

Pro-rights party? Don't we already have that in the Libertarian Party?

DJK - E-mail is in my profile. It's

mike's spot said...

thats why I'm an independent with Libertarian leanings :)

Mike W. said...

Bitter- I agree. Having Palin has VP doesn't mean abortion rights will be under attack.

Abortion rights don't suffer from the kind of continuous legislative attacks that 2A rights generally do.

I still think it'd benefit the Republican party in the long run to embrace a pro-choice stance.

Anonymous said...

I am an Independent as well...with liberal (I suppose, sigh, Democrat) leanings.

But while we're oversimplifying: I personally feel the liberal stance is pro-rights with a caveat: people are not always smart and well-meaning without incentive. Those of us who are deserve not to be at the mercy of leeches at the top, or the bottom for that matter.

Mike W. said...

Anon - when you say "the liberal stance is pro-rights" are you referring only to abortion?

Because on the 2nd Amendment and a host of other issues liberals are anything but "pro-rights"

Mike W. said...

"the liberal stance is pro-rights with a caveat: people are not always smart and well-meaning without incentive."

Actually ANON hits it dead on. The liberal stance is that people are stupid. They don't know how to handle their rights & liberties but liberal elites like Obama know what's best for them.