Thursday, August 28, 2008

Remember the Berlin Wall?

It was meant to keep people in, to prevent them from leaving and tasting the freedom that existed outside those walls. It's funny how communist/socialist hell holes talk about being "progressive" and doing things for the "common good." Of course once their ideas are put into practice there's very little "good" for anyone and people want to get the hell out. Then, once in the hell hole their freedom becomes eroded to the point where they're not even free to leave.

You wouldn't think that could happen in America, right? Sadly one must only look at the liberal bastion of freedom known as California for a modern-day example. There's a ballot initiative to impose a one-time tax on rich Californians who die or leave the state. It's called the "hasta la vista tax" yet sadly, it's no joke. They are actually proposing punishing people who decide to pack up and leave the state.

Head on over to Bruce's for the details. Again, I wish I were joking about this, but hey, when contemporary liberals get to run amok long enough this is the kind of result you get, and it's something that doesn't resemble the America I know.

Things like this are downright surreal, and it scares me that national figures like Obama want to model national firearms laws after California's. With proposals like this, and the steady stream of socialist crap that comes out of California how could anyone want to use California as a national model for anything (except what NOT to do to America?)


Thirdpower said...

They tried taxing non-resident military as well.

Anything for a buck.

none said...

California was going after former residents that decided to move to Florida where their pensions and retirement plans are not heavily taxed.

Their logic made your money in California and we were counting on soaking you some more.

NotClauswitz said...

It's just going to accelerate the exodus, people aren't stupid - except in the CA Legislature.

Mike W. said...

And the funny thing is, if CA thinks they've got budget problems now, just wait until the rich folks they try to tax the hell out of have left the state.

They're too blinded by ideology to even realize that they'll lose revenue.

Anonymous said...

Gone, and never frakking going back. That state passed "ludicrous" about ten years ago.