Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Biden Is The VP

My State Senator Joe Biden is now the Obamessiah's running mate. Boy, good job picking a moderate there Barack....

Where's Biden on guns? He's as bad if not worse than Obama, and has an F rating from the NRA.
He voted against a bill that would have protected firearms manufacturers from civil suits due to criminal misuse of their products, the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act in both 04' and 05'. He wants to close the "Gun Show Loophole (I.E. ban private sales) and supports renewal of the 94' Assault Weapons Ban.

Oh, and we all know how he views gun owners. He's snide, condescending, arrogant, and clearly fearful and paranoid. Remember this from the debates? That tells me all I need to know about his elitist attitude.

Here's what I wrote back in 2007 about Biden and his "Crime Bill"

What a load of horsecrap from my good old Delaware Senator Joe Biden. Remember, this is the guy who thinks a civilian who owns an AR-15 must have mental problems. My brother owns one. I wonder, is he "mentally qualified" to own it? or is it perfectly ok for him because he's a cop?

Here's his "crime bill"

First off, he wants to do this.

"Stop Senseless Gun Violence: Renewing the Assault Weapons Ban and Closing the Gun Show Loophole. The Biden Crime Bill provides for a straight-forward reauthorization of the assault weapons ban that became law in 1994 and it closes the so-called gun show loophole by requiring all gun show sales submit to federal background checks, just like any store-based firearm sale."

There is no "gun show loophole" If you buy a gun from a dealer at a gun show you've still got to go through the same background checks I have to when I go to my FFL.

The AWB was idiotic and useless. Even the Clinton administration concluded that it didn't work. Of course how could it fight crime when rifles of any type are only used in approximately 2% of all crimes involving firearms? So that means that so called "assault weapons" are used in at most a small fraction of a percent of all crimes involving guns. Great, so Biden wants to deny my right to buy one because they're used in maybe 0.1% of all crimes in this country! We had this exact same AWB in 1994 and it didn't do a damn thing to curb crime or "gun violence" but it did make plenty of perfectly good rifles illegal. And by "illegal" I mean Illegal for people like me, but certainly not for violent thugs. Lets assume for a second that it actually did keep such weapons out of criminals hands. Do you think they said "Damn this AWB! I wanted to kill that bitch with an AK47, but now I guess I've gotta use my hi-point?"

Oh yeah, and it was also a proven fact that sales of "assault weapons" spiked just before the ban. If anything it makes people want the "evil weapons" even more. If it looks like an AWB has even the slightest chance of passing people stock up on banned guns, lowers, high-cap mags etc.

Biden also wants to combat Prescription Drug and OTC Drug use. Yeah, that'll work about as well as the current "War on Drugs" is working and it'll make it harder for me to buy perfectly legal drugs that I need like Drixoral or Cough Syrup. Maybe part of the reason these "legal alternatives" are being abused is because things like Marijuana are illegal? And again, you have the attitude that we should punish the law-abiding for the actions of criminals.

He wants to reduce criminal recidivism by helping them "re-integrate into their communities." How about we punish violent criminals rather than re-integrating them? How about we allow the rest of the population to defend themselves from such people? No, that would make too much sense. I don't want them "re-integrated," I want them in jail.

He wants to increase the size of the DEA. Great! More agents to fight the "drug war" that we've been losing since the 1980's. More DEA Agents who'll perform unconstitutional "no-knock warrants" and just say "oh well" when they get the wrong house. These same agents seem surprised when this happens and the homeowner shoots at them, acting like the homeowner did something wrong or should have "known they were cops" despite the fact that they barged in home-invasion style like a bunch of thugs.

I'm continually embarrassed that the citizens of Delaware vote for this elitist idiot.

Sorry, but I totally forgot to mention that he doesn't just support the Assault Weapons Ban, he actually authored the damn thing back in 94'. I don't think you could find a ticket that's more hostile to gun owners and the 2nd Amendment than Obama / Biden.


Anonymous said...

In response to the Murder on 300 South Van Buren Street The police braged that they confiscated 714 guns in Wilmington.
When asked if there was a diagnosis performed on the source of the guns. He stated that the guns were sent to ATF, but no one has requested any synopsis on any statistics gathered, or study done.
When people presume to make suggestions for gun controls, but fail to take into account, actually trying to study the situation, we have insanity.
714 guns confiscated in Wilmington, a city with 70,000 people, is 1 gun per 100 people. Presumably these guns were used in crimes, or possessed by persons prohibited. And therefore rightfully confiscated. [ I hope.]
BUT to do NO STUDY to determine the source of the weapons? Such a failure to study the guns and the data they provide, just indicates the politics of the situation is driven by opinion and bias. That is why I am against those who expound on GUN CONTROL, it is mostly uninformed opinion and emotions.

Mike W. said...

Paul F. You just posted this identical reply in 2 different topics, and you've posted it verbatim on DE liberal.

Thank you for the information, but you really only need to post it once.

Also, I'd like to read the DEonline link. Can you re-post it (you'll have to cut it into 2 parts so blogger doesn't cut the end off.