Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming Clean

My dad now knows that I own guns. Actually I should say he knows I own *a* gun, since I made sure to use the singular term. My mom has known for quite some time that I own guns and go shooting at the range and she has no problem with it. My dad is not so reasonable or rational. I think he took it well. At the least he took it as well as one could expect an anti-gunner to take it. A few years ago when I wanted to buy a P22 he absolutely flipped his lid when the issue came up, so compared to that this went extraordinarily well.

He did express what sounded like at least passing interest in going to the range with me. To be honest the thought of my dad + guns worries me a bit, but I don't think you can ever really know till you get someone on the firing line with gun in hand.


Anonymous said...

My father owns a somewhat old blackpowder rifle, along with an almost-as-old .22 pump action, but neither has seen use in decades. When I told him that I owned my Baby Eagle and M1A, his words were something along the lines of, "So what did I do to raise an NRA nut?" to which I responded, "Well, you did raise me to stand up for myself." He later said he was joking (and it was amusing, given I was not an NRA member at the time), but telling one's parents can sometimes be quite difficult. I figure I will just drag him (and possibly her) to a range here, and remind them how much fun it is :).

I also figure that explaining that I now carry a firearm can wait a little while... That conversation is going to be even more entertaining.

Weer'd Beard said...

My Dad is an odd juxtoposition of pure vulcan logic grown in the soil of liberal propiganda. He's a smart guy...but sometimes seeing past the end of his nose can be a challenge.

He knows I own guns, he doesn't like it, he doesn't want to talk about it. So it goes.

My Mom-in-Law on the other hand ENJOYS discussing issues, and while she is emotional and liberal as the day is long, she's really respectful of opposing opinions.

When she heard I got my carry permit she flipped. "When do you carry your gun?"
Me: "Every Day"
Her: "Loaded?"
Me: "It really isn't worth much unloaded...."

Then the Mrs. told her that HER permit had arrived too. ; ]

Tam said...

You probably broke it to them better than I did.

I was 18 years ol and walked in the house: "Mom! You'll never guess what I found on sale at the mall!"

Mike W. said...

Tam - I'm surprised it took him this damn long to notice. It's not like I really hide it. I've got cases of ammo and bottles of CLP lying around.

Really though, I'm not sure this counts as "breaking it to him." Yeah he now knows I'm a gun owner, but I didn't come out and say "Hey dad, I also have 3 other pistols and two Assault Weapons."

Weerd - I have discussions on the issue with my mom from time to time and I've really gotten through to her. My dad... well like you said, seeing past his nose can be a bit of a challenge.

Linoge - Yeah, I can't imagine what the conversation would be like telling the rents I carry. Actually it's a big reason why I haven't bothered applying for a DE CCW yet.

The Armed Canadian said...

Linoge, my mother laments on the fact she can't believe her son is a member of the NRA.

Admittedly, she simply questions why on Earth I would want guns and chalks up to "boys will be boys" and the fact that she, like you, raised me to be independent. Don't be surprised when I actually behave that way.

When they came to visit when I was living in an apartment, my first instruction was not to open the closet. My mother has a heart condition and I didn't know how the sight of 10+ rifles would do to her. My Dad, on the other hand, plowed the door open when she wasn't looking and checked everything out. I took him to the range and let him shoot. He got a NRA range card as a souvenir and not everyone can go back to Canada talking about how they got to shoot an AR-15 or two.

My folks and I agree to disagree.

Unknown said...

Take him to the range...

But just with a .22, and let him see the sport of trying for accuracy.

Don't bring anything but a 22 for his first time. It's easy to be comfortable with a 22. And I'd also suggest a relaxed outdoor range.

Convert him over to the dark side (ie: blued steel). *lol*

MedicMatthew said...

My folks too recently learned that I own a couple of guns. It was almost easier telling them that I'm gay than telling them that I carry concealed. Oh well.

Mike W. said...

Part of my apprehension on discussing this issue with him is his history with guns.

According to my grandma he was kicked out of boy scouts because of an incident involving a troop trip to the range, him disobeying orders, and getting a chipped tooth while shooting a .22 rifle.

He was once in posession of a gun (work related) He was "playing with it" and decided to show it to my mom. Somehow the words "don't worry it's not loaded" don't make you feel any better about having a gun pointed at you. That's especially true when you know said person has NO firearms experience.

BobG said...

I'm glad I didn't have to go through any of that. My dad started me shooting a 22 rifle when I was around five. The rifle was given to me when I was eleven. One of my uncles introduced me to the 1911 when I was ten. At my high school, during the yearly deer hunt, there was always a contest for the largest buck. The winner was presented with a lever-action 30.30 Winchester at a ceremony in the school auditorium.
To me it was normal and natural to have loaded guns around the house, and they were not toys to play with or show outsiders. I can't imagine growing up in the types of households you describe.

Jay G said...

This is interesting.

I grew up in the Volksrepublik of MA, one of the true bastions of anti-gun sentiment.

Shot my first gun (.410 shotgun, FWIW) with my dad at, I think, age 8.

Had my FID to own rifles at 15. Got my LTC (License to carry) at 23. First gun I bought was a Ruger Security Six (still got it; don't EVER sell your first gun!).

Brought it home and showed Dad the same day, he wanted to take it to the range right then... And Mom's only comment was that it looked to heavy for her, and that I should dig out the .22 rifle and take her to the range next time I went...

Go figure...

Good on you, Mike.

Anonymous said...

My parents had heard that i had a 12ga and a .22 but it hadnt come up a lot until i took my 8 year old on his first range trip. That night, i sent both my parents and my inlaws pictures of their oldest grandson shootin a .22 along with a description of how serious and safe he was. Pointing out that he was a better shot than me also got a few chuckles.

Now, a year later, I am a pistol instructor and am working on getting a nice .38 revolver for my dad.

NotClauswitz said...

For most of my Dad's life he believed that his father's suicide during the Depression was by gun, because some nasty little piece of shit neighbor kid came up to him when he was Seven and said "I heard the shot!"
So that's one thing, and then the War ended and he took up studying Theology and became a Minister with all that "Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword" stuff, and a Missionary - it put a big crimp on having even toy guns at home.
So he's not keen on guns but doesn't give me a lot of flak either since he *knows* how we were raised - and he found out a few years ago doing Genealogy stuff (Mom's passion) that the truth is (Police report), his father hung himself...

Anonymous said...

Most of my family lives in Washington state, so I guess their reactions to guns are to be expected.

Before she died my Mom knew I carried, but I think she had blinders on and preferred to believe I only carried while solo hiking in bear country.

My Dad took me hunting when I was 10 or 12, and a year or two back he gave me the shotgun he carried back then (A5).

His wife on the other hand gave me the Aryan Nations comments when she saw a pic of me shooting one of the rifles. I'm not sure if it was an Idaho comment or a gun comment...

The rest of my brothers and sisters have studiously avoided any conversations about guns.

And not one of them gets a vote on whether I have guns or not, how many I own, when I carry them, or what I shoot them at. ;-)

Home on the Range said...

My Dad introduced to me to my first Mauser when I was 14. He didn't shoot for years, my Mom died, and he had a health problem of his own, but he still maintains the respect for the guns and is proud that of all the children, I'm the most active in the sport and the right to own.

At 8 and with his small stroke, he's a bit too shaky to shoot any more, but he always loves to see what I have purchased, and go to the range with me to watch.

Anonymous said...

I shot my first 12 gauge shotgun at the age of 5. I would not leave my Dad alone until he let me shoot it. I've been hooked on guns since. Thank God my parents love that particular freedom.