Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama's Legislative Record

Mrs. Ahab has a good post up regarding Obama's legislative "experience" as a U.S. Senator. It's no wonder even Obama supporters are stumped when asked about his legislative experience in the U.S. Senate.

If you look at bills he has sponsored that have actually been passed into law what do you find? You find he's accomplished nothing! I'm only concerned with bills he has sponsored himself, not co-sponsored bills. Why? Well experience as President is a question of leadership, and sticking your name on something that someone else introduced is hardly what I'd consider leadership.

Here's bills Obama sponsored in 07-08
Thomas Library of Congress

Of 70 bills I see 3 that have passed. Oh boy, look at all that substantive "change" that Obama's brought about this year in the Senate. He's a real heavyweight. Commemorations, congratulations, designations, and celebrations sure sound like real change to me.

Here are the bill #'s of legislation he's sponsored that was actually passed.

In 07'-08'


Here's 05' - 06'


You might notice she links to a Wikipedia page. I can't embed links to Thomas library of Congress in posts because the searches and what not are temporary. The links won't work if I post them, or at least they haven't when I attempted to do so. Even if you look at a list of bills he's co-sponsored that have passed you see pretty much no substance. It's all commemorations, designating holidays, patting other Senators on the back etc. etc.

I find the best way to look through these is to bring up the list of sponsored / Co-sponsored bills and do a search for the word "passed." It'll really piss you off because you see just how much time is spent on bills that are all fluff and don't do a damn thing with regards to any substantive policy issues. It makes you realize why executive experience as a governor is so much more germane to the office of President than Senatorial experience is.

To be fair, John McCain hasn't done much of anything in the way of legislative achievements this year either. That's not exactly surprising considering both he and Obama have spend most of this year campaigning.

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