Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sowell on Obama

Thomas Sowell has a great piece on Obama in Jewish Worldview. It's nice to see him make the Obama >>> 1930's Germany connection, since when I make it I'm branded a "racist."

Sowell has the following to say about Iran,

"This is a country whose president has already threatened to wipe a neighboring country off the map. Does anyone need to draw pictures?"

As usual Sowell gets it right. Obama wants to engage in more diplomacy and negotiations with Iran. To what end exactly? Sanctions will just hurt the Iranian people, who are actually like America. We (We being the U.S., UN, and Israel) don't want them to have nukes. They want nukes. Where exactly is the "middle ground" there in which Obama believes he can use negotiation and diplomacy? Also, where is Israel in all of this? Imagine if you will that Mexico had consistently been voicing a desire to wipe the U.S. off the map and a desire to develop nuclear capabilities for what it claimed was "peaceful use." We'd have to be supremely naive to say to them "Oh, go right ahead, since you only want to develop nuclear power not weapons."

Iran wants to wipe out Israel, our ally. If they want to develop nuclear capabilities more rhetoric isn't going to stop them. Bringing in the UN to talk some more isn't going to stop them. As Sowell notes, what does Obama have besides talk and adoring fans? Iran knows this, that's why they're so happy about the prospects of him becoming our next President.

H/T to Joe Huffman for the link.

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