Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Shit Sandwiches

By that I mean Obama & McCain, The Republicans and the Democrats. We all know that Bush was anything but a fiscally conservative Republican. With the current market bailouts we may as well just stick a fork in the "fiscal conservative" branch of the Republican Party.

I wholeheartedly expect the Democrats to jump all over this massive bailout plan, but when all the so-called "conservatives" support it as well you know that both sides are offering voters a nice turd sandwich, the only difference being the size of the turd.

Hell, both McCain & Obama want to bailout GM as well. They've been making shitty cars and failing to compete for the last 20+ years if not longer. They lose money on every car they make, meanwhile Toyota makes money, despite also building cars here in the U.S. with U.S. workers. It's not like GM had some catastrophic slip-up, they've been grossly incompetent for years. We've been propping them up with subsidies, and now they want $25 Billion!? We shouldn't be bailing out anyone, but this is an election year, so both candidates have to support this crap.

Update - Looks like our 1st State Moonbats are foaming at the mouth and seething with hatred towards the "evil republicans." Not only that, but they see this as evidence of the failure of free-market capitalism. Typical blind hatred has come out in full force.They're also advocating that all Republicans be lined up and shot! Oh Boy! Once again, why are anti-gunners so violent?


Unknown said...


One thing regarding GM. The U.S. government encouraged them to do pensions and they're heavily unionized with lame restrictions. (ie: if cars aren't selling, and they have to stop production, they still have to keep workers paid to do nothing).

But then the government bailed on it's end. It got into the whole free trade and tariff reductions. So GM finds itself sadled with heavy pensions, locked by unions, no tariff protections. Competing against countries like Japan who's workers are subsidized by the government thru healthcare and retirement plans.

GM hasn't had the money to keep unioned workers happy (actually, I don't think such is possible) and the quality goes down whenever the union workers are unhappy.

You could save GM really easily, free it of unions, and restore tariffs. Alas, neither is going to happen.


What I do support is some significant tax breaks on plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Also, I believe there should be a tariff on Japanese imports that is equivalent to what the Japanese government covers per worker for health and retirement.

TheAlienPatriot said...

The free market has officially died for huge corporation. If you are not doing well, we, the taxpayer will help you out.
But if you are a small business owner and you are not doing well, sorry you will die.
Even though the small business owners are the core of the US economy, we always get the short side of the stick.

Anonymous said...

More Auto maker bullshit.

Remember Frank Purdue,
Parts is parts. If the American industry has a reliability problem, it is not at final assembly.

MTBF for parts, good engineering makes better cars.
If the parts are bad you can not assemble shit.

Anonymous said...

Trust funds. Read up on the idea.
GM should have a trust fund to guarantee the pensioners. GM is not the USA, it can not make up for its money needs by taxing the entire public.
GM should have funded it pensions and medical. In a separate account.

Not sit there and cry about not having the funds there, and having to pay to build cars and pay pensioners.

More BS.

Mike W. said...

Anon - Exactly. They should not be rewarded by the Feds for years of gross mismanagement and the peddling of an inferior product (save a few models like the Corvette)

Saj - Toyota seems to pay its American workers quite well and still make a profit. They do it without unions.

KSS said...

And you can bet that most unions-- like the SEIU that I used to belong to-- are going to encourage their members to vote straight up democrat. The law of the jungle is, if you are weak or lame, you die. These companies that are weak, lame and mismanaged should be allowed to die, the market will fill the void and create their replacements. I am self employed and trying to make a small business work, where is my cash from the government, and why do I have to pay for these other companies that I have never even used?

The first step we need to take is to reduce the corporate tax rate to something at or below a place like Ireland--land of my ancestors I might add--there is a reason that Ireland's economy is been called "The Celtic Tiger", because they encourage industry to create jobs and wealth by not taxing them to death so the liberals acan fund their pet social projects.

I also would like t invite you all to visit me at my blog:

Go in to the archives and I have quite a few stories related to the 2nd ammendment from the view of a 17 year police career that some of you might find interesting.