Friday, November 14, 2008

.357 SIG

Anyone shoot it?


The Duck said...

once, didn't care for it

Anonymous said...

I had a conversation with a RI state trooper at a gun shop once. Seems he lobbied successfully a few years ago to get his dept to switch to that caliber. He feels it's the best thing since toilet paper, citing velocity and penetration through auto glass as the key factors. Also the recoil is about the same as a .40. Me I'll stick with my .45

mike's spot said...

never shot it- but isn't it just a 40sw necked down to a 9mm?

Bottle neck pistol cartridge = PITA to reload. it'd need trimming- and I just can't bring myself to trim pistol brass.

and G-d knows I'm way to cheap for factory ammo- especially in something I'd still consider an 'exotic'.

Ah a quick wiki reveals that you cannot form 357 sig from 40 anyway- and I'm not sure how readily available brass is.

you dropping the hammer on one mike?

Anonymous said...

I have rented one at my local range, wasn't that impressed with it. I rather have a .40 cal or 9mm +P.

Mike W. said...

What's recoil like? In between 9mm and .40?