Thursday, November 6, 2008


Top Gun Supply looks like they've got a few AR-15's still in stock. If you're looking for one I couldn't recommend a better place to buy. I love TGS! (Click back to long-guns to see all manufacturers.)

They also have a 5.45 x 39 S&W M&P 15R for sale which is very tempting, though I sure as hell don't have ~$900 to spend. Sure, I have savings, but that money is in savings for a reason. Still, thoughts of ~$130 cases of ammo are dancing through my head. This election has already caused me to spend far more than I'd originally planned. (though some purchases were just the result of finding deals too good to pass up) I figure I can hold out until Dec/Jan before picking up another lower receiver. I'd buy two if I thought I had the wherewithal, dexterity, and patience to build them myself.

I think I'm good to go as far as AR mags are concerned, since I've got 10+. Again, I could use a few 20 rounders, but I'm not in a huge rush. I also need pistol mags, but again I'm not in a rush and unlike P225 mags, the supply of P228/P229 mags isn't going to all of a sudden dry up.

The one great thing about legislation is that it takes time. If a new AWB or some other draconian restrictions come it won't be in the next few days or weeks. I understand the rush to immediately buy up 10 AR lowers, 100 high capacity mags, and cases upon cases of ammo, but I think it's best to be a bit patient at the moment. Unless you find an awesome deal right now there's no real reason to max out the credit card in the next few days.

Everything you can buy today will still be avaliable a month or two from now unless it's something especially rare or scarce. Buy. Buy a lot, but also remember to chill out and be smart.


the pistolero said...

I sure as hell don't have ~$900 to spend.
Maybe you don't, but you're more likely to be able to get more money later than the gun.

Mike W. said...

This is true, but I don't see a ban on AR UPPERS coming soon. I can always buy the 5.45 upper later if I so please.

One problem with 5.45 though. I can't shoot it at my range (steel core) so I've gotta find somewhere else to shoot. I think there's a place downstate.