Friday, November 28, 2008

Avoidance Doesn't Always Work

A New Castle resident successfully defended himself with a gun when two men tried to rob him. Unfortunately an article in today's Delaware Online doesn't seem to get the point, saying,

"The risks are enormous for the personal safety of victims with less skill at mastering a weapon in fearful situations. The potential for a hail of bullets, as opposed to a bullseye shot, cannot be ignored.

In most cases it's best not to resist. Even better, take steps to avoid being victimized."

Well no shit! If two men walk up to you and put a gun to your side while you're in the driveway I'm damn sure there's already an enormous risk to your personal safety. Who says you have "less skill" than your attacker?

Also, in this case the guy couldn't have been more than a few feet from the victim, since he apparently had a gun pressed against his side. Even someone with very little skill could defend himself in such a situation. Obviously there are no guarantees in these types of self-defense situations, but average folks have a very good track record of successfully defending themselves.

Furthermore, this guy says we should take steps to avoid being victims. Again, no shit! That's always true, but sometimes bad things happen through no fault of the victim. The problem is that avoidance doesn't always work, and in the event that you're selected as the victim of a violent attack it's best to have a backup plan. Avoidance is a great idea, but it's useless to harp on it after such events have already unfolded.

What this reporter and many like him don't understand is something I find very simple. Self defense works. Of course part of it is luck, as the reporter recognizes, but the other facet is preparedness. Having his gun on him gave this guy an option, and in this case it was the right option. I'd rather have that option than not, and I'm damn sure this guy's glad he had his gun.

I'd love for this reporter to explain to me how any of the bulleted points in his story would have stopped this attack. You can't deny facts, and the fact is that one thing did stop this attack. A bullet.

I'll note that they didn't say anything about the victim having a CCW permit, but I can't tell from the story whether the guy was in public or in his driveway. If he's on his property he might not need a permit. I confess that I've got no clue as to the legality of unlicensed CCW on your own property in Delaware.

H/T to Sebastian

I'm also noticing a trend here of folks noticing that we've had a serious up tick in violent crime here in Northern Delaware recently.


Bgg said...

I have also noticed things getting dicey in Wilmington and New Castle County. The police blotter page in the News Journal is becoming peppered with crimes and incidents involving BGs with guns. More than I've noticed before.

Either it's happening with greater frequency, or I'm noticing it more?

Anonymous said...

Woah. A person actually taking his or her own protection, life, and sacred honor into their own hands and doing something about it? We cannot have that, now can we?

I am sure that "not resisting" works well for those people who hand over their wallets, and then get shot anywise because the perpetrator does not want witnesses. I am sure that "not resisting" works perfectly for rape victims, who have to deal with the psychological and emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

If you want to be a victim, fine, go right ahead. But once you start suggesting that other people be victims as well, my largesse dwindles... and once you start requiring other people to be victims, all bets are off.

mike's spot said...

This is one of my biggest issues with the fourth estate.

stop interpreting news and just report it. It is insulting to the populous to assume that they themselves cannot come to an opinion, so you must give them a biased one.

this reporter needs to come off their high horse, move out of their gated community, or trendy neighborhood that was in a bad area 30 years ago and since has cleaned up before they were born, and do their job correctly.

glad the good stayed healthy.

Anonymous said...

Guys, had Bruce Wayne's dad had resisted we may never have had Batman.