Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Linky Love

This article in Rocky Mountain News on the recent surge in gun sales quotes Tam on the recent buying frenzy. Too bad they didn't actually attribute it to her. Instead she's just "one Indiana blogger" talking about unimportable mags.


Anonymous said...

At the next gun show,which is right after Christmas it will magazines,magazines,and more magazines .

Anonymous said...

okay, i'm trying to understand your gun obsession. now, with that hilarious rifle you photographed with your beer down there you can, what? target shoot? stroke it alone with no females in sight? what's the point? you can't shoot someone with it (unless, of course, the zombie uprising finally happens) so what is the point? like the genius above that doesn't know shit about Marx except what he heard on talk radio, i guess you have to be very weak physically, too? you can admit this, it's okay. are you afraid of getting beaten? honestly, are you in a wheelchair? you must be. that would finally explain it. if you were in a wheelchair and in a constant state of fear, i could understand. like one of those shivering hairless dog, that's what i picture. a pussy really. a soft, soft grub-like bitch. am i close?

hey! i noticed you claim to "know" Marx without reading it, too. can you show me how you do that pyschic shit? goddamn, i wish you were standing right here so i could hold you down, read to you, and take a shit on your fucking head. but let's talk about Marx. you just heard that word during this election, didn't you? you guys don't have a fucking clue about anything. haven't you heard the phrase "know your enemy?" you need to write that on your face next to the backwards "B" so you don't forget.
and dipshit up there calls me a "libtard," apparently not understanding that i'm just as likely to kill one with my bare hands. see, without that label, could you debate these subjects? could you debate without a one word excuse to dismiss?
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Mike W. said...

Oh look! Someone forgot to take their medicine today.

Thanks for the mental case like rant Karl. How coherent and utterly classy of you, whomever you are.

You are a shining example of the typical rabid anti-gunner.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You surely do get some idiotic trolls 'round these parts, Mike ;).

Mike W. said...

Linoge - Yup, and amazingly I don't think this moron came from Delaware Liberal.