Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quote of The Day

"...All it will take are a couple of nutjobs shooting cops through the armor with regular hunting rifles for your gun rights to be in serious jeopardy....Because then they will be labeled as "high-powered sniper rifles". What defense will you mount then? How will you convince a gun banner who hates ALL guns that your guns are somehow less dangerous than a semi-auto that fires a less-powerful, less accurate cartridge than your 7mm Remington Magnum game rifle? "

Armed Canadian

Hunters & sportsman are a huge demographic and we need their support. On the other hand, they also need to support us. (and many do) As with most things when we're talking gun rights the key is education. We need to remember that we're all in this together and avoid alienating one group or another.

Most importantly, as Matt discusses, we need to get hunters/sportsman to see the light and understand the true nature of gun-control in this country. They need to understand that no gun is safe. All guns are fair game, whether they be too big, too small, too quiet or loud etc. We're not dealing with rational people. They raise hell about the danger of "military style weapons." Guess what? Your deer rifle may not look like my AR-15, but you can bet it has military lineage and the anti-rights crowd will lump it in with my AR the 1st chance they get.


Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure that all rifles have a military lineage.

Muzzleloaders - Revolutionary War

Lever actions - Civil War

Bolt Guns - WWI

Semi autos - WWII

These folks don't know their history if they believe that their sporting arms are safe from gun grabbers because they're not "military derived."

Mike W. said...

Yup, there's not a gun I can think of that doesn't have some military lineage, including handguns.

When Obama speaks of AK's and AR's as "weapons of war" that belong on foreign battlefields and not in the hands of civilians one must assume he would extend that statement to SKS's, Milsurp bolt-actions etc. etc.

Hell, all you have to do is look @ NJ or CA to see that already happening where they've banned (or tried to ban) weapons that included Revolutionary War era muzzleloaders.

Remember in CA in the 1990's they banned the SKS and then retroactively decided they had to be turned in?

Anonymous said...

awww, do you miss us not being able to comment doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Lemme see...

Baby Eagle - still in use by the Israeli Defense Force.

M1A - ...duh.

AR-15 - ...duh.

The only one I do not think has a direct military lineage that I own is the Walther PPS, but, come on, this is Walther - there is military running in its metal somewhere.

On another note, I see that some of your trolls cannot manage to grow mentally past the age of about six. Kind of sad, that.

Mike W. said...

DV - If I really wanted to comment on your site I could. You're simply not worth the effort.

I will say I do occasionally read your drivel because such abject stupidity is hard not to look at.

BTW I see you have nothing to say on the posted topic.

Linoge - It seems to me that any weapon used (or possibly used) by police could also be stretched to be military based somehow.

Anonymous said...

"Sporting Purposes". We either need to get rid of that clause, or have politician hunting declared a sport.
I'm easy either way ;)

Anonymous said...

Linoge, I hope to be home in April - just outside Kingsport. How about coming up for a TGO shoot at my place?

mike's spot said...

Great points Mike- Politicians are establishing a vocabulary for future legislation to further restrict civil liberties.

PS I coaxed a comment out of your troll- I gotta say, I feel pretty special.

Anonymous said...

I could live with that definition, Mike :).

Sounds good, Mark, though we will have to drag you down here to the Knox region for a shoot at some point too. Hopefully the snow will be gone by april ;).