Saturday, December 27, 2008

Effective Gun Laws?

8 million checks in 2006. 73 convictions = effective gun laws? Yeah, that's about as effective as banging some chick and just hoping she's infertile.

Anti-gunners like to paint themselves as reasonable folks who aren't actually "anti-gun." They say things like "I'm not anti-gun, just pro-law." They say they just want reasonable, effective gun laws. They'll tout things like the 1993 Brady Law as proof of said reasonable and effective gun control.

The problem, as is generally the case with anti-gunners, is that the facts prove them wrong. Whether the Brady law was "reasonable" is subjective. Effective? Not so much, says the linked government report via Dave Hardy.

Funny how nearly every claim they've ever made can be easily refuted, and that the facts continually back up what the pro-rights crowd has been saying all along. Criminals don't buy guns via legal channels.......because they're criminals. Shocking I know!

h/t to Robb

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Unknown said...

But they have a fawning media at their backs, so it doesn't matter how jacked up the message is. The point is driven home.

Media education will take a long time, but I'm seeing the fruits of that laber already in the local rag in my town. The pro-gun LTE's and Op-Eds are overwhelming the anti-gun ones. We are driving the point right back.