Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope all of you had a great Christmas today full of awesome gunnie gifts.

Oh, and I hope everyone else had the good sense to take off tomorrow. I didn't, so I'll be at work all day.

I spent most of the day out visiting family and didn't even open my 1st present until late afternoon. When you get older and aren't really a kid anymore it's more about having fun with family & spending time with all my nephews rather than a day that revolves around presents.

I got a cool gunnie gift, and would of had a bunch of free ammo but my dad nixed that. Apparently he doesn't want my brother encouraging this *bad* habit of mine, because guns r' bad y'know? Still, a trip to the range with my bro shooting his duty guns & his ammo is something I'm really looking forward to. (I'll bring a few of my Sigs of course) With my working full-time, his working cop hours and having a bunch of young kids at home we don't see each other all that often outside of general family gatherings. We've been discussing a range trip for a while now but this is the 1st time we'll both be free from work.

I may have to talk to him about the ammo. He's got free 9mm and damnit I want it regardless of whether dad told him not to give it to me. I mean jesus, we're all adults here, even if one of us is a hoplophobe.

In other news, my dad got a new 52" HDTV that's coming tomorrow and I've got to figure out how I'm getting his solid cherry entertainment center out of the room. I should be good and sore tomorrow.


Laura said...

Chris is stuck going to work tomorrow, so you're not alone.

happy christmas, hon. :)

Anonymous said...

We had the distinct joy of having an 18-month-old in our midst, so despite starting the whole presents thing at 1000, we were not done with said presents until 1800. Urg.

As for the hoplophobic family, just give them time... My parents just found out that I carry a concealed firearm on my person most of the time, so I am sure visiting them for New Years' might be somewhat interesting. And, if he does not come 'round, his loss.

Regardless, I hope you had a decent non-off-day!

NotClauswitz said...

Go around the Old Man on the ammo thing - you proved your love by moving the entertainment center didn'tcha?
Only gunnliness I got was I bought myself some rail-bling for the N4, a Viking Tactics light-holder...

Mike W. said...

"Regardless, I hope you had a decent non-off-day!"

Oh I did, I got paid overtime. Not much, but still.

Thanks Laura, hope yours was good as well.

Dirtcrashr - I've been going around him on the whole gun thing for a while now. He freaked out when I expressed interest in buying a .22 pistol and forbid it.

I am of course an adult, capable of making my own rational, informed decisions. I'm now on gun #6. As far as he's concerned I own one 9mm pistol. He doesn't need to know about any others, nor about my CCW permit.

Congrats on the bling. I need to buy a rail mount for the standard handguards so I can attach my TLR-1

Anonymous said...

how ironic your father thinks it is a bad habit....

Mike W. said...

Oh look, Mr. Spoon Is To Gun has graced us with his presence, and he's commented as DV rather than his usual numerous and idiotic names.

Yup, and my dad's reaction is his ignorance & his irrational fear on display. That's his problem not mine. It's classic projection on his part.

I feel bad for him in the same way I feel bad for you DV, because willful ignorance is a sad thing to see on display. Funny at times, but still sad.

My brother is in his 30's and dad's not happy that he owns guns either, nor was he happy that my nephew got a hunting gun for X-mas last year.

We all just ignore him, go on with things, and hope he'll come around. If he does then great. If not that's sad, but it's his loss.

Mike W. said...

And DV, you seem to misunderstand the meaning of the word Irony.

Anonymous said...

Mike, one could argue that if you live with your Dad, the responsible adult thing to do is level with him about the guns in the house. If they are housed at some range, great, but if they are in his home he has a right to know about them.


Mike W. said...

"but if they are in his home he has a right to know about them."


Mike W. said...

You know, those HD TV's are surprisingly light. They weigh almost nothing.