Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down

And shine it did. I wonder if tac lights will be the next thing they try to ban? You might not shoot your eye out, but some poor child could be blinded. Please, think of the children!

This thing is seriously bright and it's easy to use since I have long fingers. Now if I could just shoot the damn thing and post a range report soon that'd be great.


mike's spot said...

ah collective soul. great band.

Anonymous said...

Envious, I am. Though, I do believe my home-defense gun will have a laser underneath the flashlight addition, just to make it that much more tacticool... (and provide that extra psychological edge + aiming assistance).

Mike W. said...

Mike - Yes, they are, but like the Crash Test Dummies they had a few hits in the 90's and then disappeared.

Linoge- I would have preferred a TLR-2 (w/ the lazer) but couldn't justify the extra cost.

Don't be too envious. I pretty much paid the going rate
($80-90 IIRC for this one). I have another for my AR but don't yet have a mount for it.