Friday, December 12, 2008

A P228 I've Never Seen

In a post over on Sigforum a new member from Italy posts pictures of his new production Sig Sauer P228R chambered in 9x21. I never new such a gun existed. In fact, I've never even heard of 9x21. 9mm Largo yes, but not 9x21.


lordjim said...

9x21 was designed for countries that ban 9x19 for civilian used since it's a military round. The wikipedia article for 9x21 should have more to say about it.

Mike W. said...

Just read the wikipedia page Jim. Doesn't seem like 9x21 has any ballistic advantage over 9x19 either.

Interesting how the European countries don't want their citizens to own guns chambered in the same caliber as the military.

Have you been OC'ing much this winter?

Mike W. said...

Nevermind on that last part. I was thinking you were another local "Lordjim."