Friday, December 5, 2008

Quote of The Day

"In England, and increasingly in the US, criminal behavior is viewed as an ordinary crime against individuals; fighting back is viewed as an extraordinary trespass on the prerogative of the state to maintain order. The latter is viewed as a greater threat to the state, and is thus being sold as a greater threat to society."

-J.N. Heath

Heath is right. In the UK and certain liberal strongholds in the U.S. the use of force is only considered legitimate if initiated by the state or state actors. It is the ultimate means of creating a populace with no individual autonomy where everyone is dependent on the State. That, of course, is exactly what the State wants.

If individuals are severely punished by the state in cases of obvious self-defense / defense of home they can hardly be considered "free" in any sense of the word.


detroitccw said...

If I have to choose between protecting myself and depending on the state/police to protect my self, I'll elect to protect myself.

Mike W. said...

Rick - I wish more folks had that mindset, particularly given the dismal track record of relying on the government to protect you.

And that's no knock against the police, it's just reality.