Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fighting Knife Crime With Facebook

The Brits are doing it. Apparently in the country formerly known as Great Britain you can own knives, but may only keep them in your home. So, in their infinite wisdom the British authorities are using Facebook to go after wankers who have pictures of themselves holding weapons in public places.

Talk about an incredible waste of police resources. What will the progressive Brits do next? Ban blacksmithing?

H/T to Mr. Rummel


mike's spot said...

at least they are honest in their disrespect for the privacy of the citizenry.

Bgg said...

You get extra credit for using the word WANKER in it's correct intended context - Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how tempting it is to start generating up fake Facebook accounts with claimed addresses in Great Britain, and a picture of me (or anyone else) wielding a knife in a perfectly innocuous manner - slicing up a ham, opening a package, etc.

But, then, I am a complete bastard, so go figure.

detroitccw said...

One interesting thing that should be pointed out about owning a knife in Great Britain is that it is unlawful to use it in self-defense, even in your own home.

BobG said...

"What will the progressive Brits do next? Ban blacksmithing?"

They might as well; they've already banned common sense.