Friday, January 9, 2009

Shooting At William Penn High School

A student was shot in the parking lot of William Penn High School despite the fact that,

1. This is a "Gun-Free Zone" per both State and Federal law. How could there possibly be a shooting in a gun-free zone?

2. police officers were already at the scene, yet someone was still shot and the shooter was not apprehended.

Nevertheless, our schools will continue to remain "Gun-Free Zones." After all, we must think of the chidren.

*I drive past William Penn on my trips to the shooting range.


Home on the Range said...

My have a friend who teaches high school students. He knows that if he brings a weapon to school, to leave in his desk or car as protection, despite being an avid shooter and instructor, he would be fired and face charges.

This year they were informed of one student, who had behavior problems and were informed that if he "acted out" to not interfere and just let him "leave the room".

To say I am concerned is an understatement. There is no way to defend oneself or the other students if said student "acts out" with something other than his fists in the future.

Anonymous said...

I Bullet am sorry

Mike W. said...

Brigid - I share your concern. I went to a public highschool that was essentially de-facto segregated. Though they weren't in my classes, there were some really bad kids, many of whom only came to school to sell drugs & to keep their parents for getting busted for truancy.

Some of these kids are just violent little hoodlums and the best teachers in the world can't change that. (especially with their hands tied. I wish they'd bring back the discipline of my parent's generation) My dad used to teach and many of the experiences he's told me about would never be aloud to happen today.

My sister just got done student teaching placement in an inner city school and told me some pretty appalling stories (and some were little kids being extremely violent)

mike's spot said...

Spot on.

I have a friend who is in TFA- she works in a rundown community in NYC. Her job is to work with middle schoolers- some of which are up to 15 years old and still in seventh grade.

The policy is, less than $500 dollars cash and 2 ounces of weed (other drugs have different limits) - the school handles discipline in house-

she had a 13 year old seventh grader bring a gun to school, who after pointing it at kids while walking down the hall and while being arrested stated 'I wasn't going to shoot anyone, don't worry its not a big deal'.

They pump more money into that school than you can imagine- fantastic teacher salaries, good facilities, and a lot of other things many schools in my middle class rural area never had- but the missing element is the parental influence.

The female with the gun will not go to jail, and will probably never say where she got it in the first place- but if a permit holder did the same thing, I'd bet my bottom dollar they'd be pushing for huge fines and long sentences.

I just wish logic would enter the equation on some of these problems once in a while.

Brent said...

I hope you're not within a 1000 yards of the school when firearms are in your vehicle. You'd be violating some stupid federal law.

Mike W. said...

Edmund - They're in my range bag and unloaded, thus satisfying federal transport laws.

Though I will say the federal law greatly complicates both open carry and open car carry. How the hell do you know at all times whether you're within (or will be within) 1000 ft. of a school?