Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'd laugh, but it's kinda sad

As Uncle notes, one of Catherine Macivor's protege's "Skyewriter" has gone into a tizzy about some three percenters discussing revolutionary stuff. The irony here is oh so delicious. Skyewriter's blog is dedicated to "V" of V for Vendetta, yet she's absolutely flipping her lid about a few guys merely talking about the purpose behind the 2nd Amendment. Revolution.

Sadly, given the intellect she's displayed in her post I'm certain that irony is completely lost on her.

Hell, she called the secret service. All because of the discussions of a few guys on the internet, and despite no direct threats being made against President Obama. She calls these folks "domestic terrorists." I actually support the overall message of the "Threepers" I just don't think we're anywhere near jumping to the cartridge box quite yet.

One poster said the following,

"Political means are covered by The Three Boxes:
The soap box
The ballot box
The cartridge box
When all else fails, vote from the rooftops."

Is that direct threat against President Obama warranting a call to the Secret Service? Hardly. Our Founding Fathers certainly said far worse of King George, and there is implicit truth to what was said in the above comment. Hell, I basically said it back in this post, yet that doesn't mean I'm calling for violent overthrow of the government. I actually support the overall concept behind what some of the Threepers are saying. I wonder if Skyewriter would call the Secret Service on me for this post?

As for anyone who might want to comment calling her out on her blatant bullshit, she nips that in the butt from the get-go.

"your comments will be deleted. This post is not open for debate.***Comments, yes. Debate, no."

Oh look, "Reasoned Discourse!" How very surprising from an anti-gun leftist. Dissent of any kind in comments will be deleted. I suppose "comments, yes. Debate, no." means "only those who toe the line and agree with me will be tolerated here." As I told her buddy Catherine, why bother blogging and allowing comments if you're going to have that attitude? What we see here are the attitudes & actions of intellectual cowards. (A la Delaware Liberal)

She goes on to say,

"That gun looks illegal, too"

The pure idiocy of that statement is astounding. It's like me saying to Skyewriter "Hey, your blog looks illegal!" ....What with the 5th of November language and picture of "V." Hell, using Skyewriter's logic we could even go so far as to apply her own claim against her. Given what "V" and 5th of November stand for maybe her entire blog is a threat against the President?
Given her irrational reaction I wonder what Skyewriter thinks of something like this?
Is she one of those delusional folks who'd consider an "abort Obama" sticker a threat against the President rather than an obvious political statement?

Hell, given the level of rational thought she's shown us she'd probably have called the Secret Service over a sign or sticker that read "shave Bush. After all, that could be read as a threat to asassinate him.......or an expression of ones' preferred female grooming habits.

Heh, all comments on her blog are now closed. All I did was make a sarcastic remark. Oh well, such is par for the course for anti-gunners, and liberals in general.


Catherine is moderating and deleting comments now too. Also, as usual she says she could provide proof to back up her assertions, yet she goes ad hominem and the proof never materializes. I'm shocked I tell ya, shocked.


Mike W. said...

Sorry folks, somethings going on with the formatting of my posts. Can't space paragraphs correctly at the moment.

mike's spot said...

looks ok on my browser.

Anonymous said...

Reasoned discourse is par for the course for these types of individuals. I mean, for heaven's sake, that "Skyewriter" moron believed the fallacy that the chimp cartoon was somehow "racist", and you honestly expect her to be able to hold her own in a debate involving the Constitution and perceived and actual threats? Surely you know better, Mike ;).

Nothing more than a purebred example of the double standards that liberals abide by... I heard and read far worse concerning our previous President, yet now, such behavior and talk is strictly verboten. Oh, the irony.

Mike W. said...

I mean, for heaven's sake, that "Skyewriter" moron believed the fallacy that the chimp cartoon was somehow "racist"

Good god she was one of those morons! Somehow I hadn't picked up on that.

Weer'd Beard said...

It's the only way the antis can appear to be winning!

WV: Moran (one letter off!)

Mike W. said...

I didn't know this, but they actually made a movie about assassinating President Bush back in 2006 (fictional of course)

The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.


Anonymous said...

"The hypocrisy of the left is astounding"

ha HA! Being pro-war AND pro-life?

Larry Craig? Mark Foley? THATS astounding.

If the movie is question wasn't investigated to your satisfaction well then who's fault is that? The President maybe? Or the head of the Secret Service?

If you didn't even KNOW they made "Death of a President" in 06 how in the world would you know there's ANY hypocrisy? You have a time machine maybe?

If you support Bush make sure you show it at the Army recruiter's office.


Scroll down and see Hillary's "hypocrisy"

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