Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quote of the Day - Liberals and Their "Feelings"

"You know, I'm less concerned about the technical definitions of a recession than I am with all the people I meet who are struggling every day and they have been struggling for many years, .....Even when the economy looked like it was doing well on paper and Wall Street was flush with cash, people feel that they're working harder for less."

- President Obama via newsbusters

*What is it with liberals and their "feelings?" I feel this, I feel that, but never do they rely on actual definitions or factual citations. It's always "I feel, therefore I'm right." To hell with pesky facts and definitions, Obama is going to govern the country based on "feelings." He's the President god damnit, and he won't be bothered with reality based discussion.

Also, why is the solution always "tax the rich?" Why can't we focus on reducing government spending, increasing accountability, and doing away with bureacracy? Why not burden the government rather than the people?

Edited to add

What the fuck?! CNN calling Obama the new Reagan! wow. Reagan called for self-reliance and personal responsibility. Obama says, "Don't worry, I'm the Government and I'm here to help." Drastically different message there folks.


Rustmeister said...

Obama = Reagan?

It boggles the mind.

Mike W. said...

They're liberals.

Up = Down
Ban = Reasonable
Fiscal Responsibility = $800 Billion spending bill
Barrel Shroud = Shoulder thing that goes up.

Laura said...

i can only say WAT??!?

Mike W. said...

Of course McCain's message was more of the same "i'm from the government I'm here to help" except he had a helping of stupid religious crap like "Abortions are evil" thrown in for good measure.

Both sides make me barf, I just fine one slightly less offensive.

BobG said...

WTF is an understatement.

detroitccw said...

This past election did not offer the voters a real choice. Both candidates were liberal gun-grabbers who don't know how to fix an economy in bad shape. Brace yourselves and hold on tight; it's going to get a LOT worse before it can - not will - get better.

Anonymous said...

"Feelings" are pretty much all that guide and drive liberals, considering that very few, if any, of their actions are backed by realistic statistics, honest data, or any manner of logic whatsoever. "Gun control" is one aspect of this, "The Fairness Doctrine" is another,... the list just goes on and on.

As for Obama supposedly being the new Reagan, that is almost a parody in and of its very own self.

Anonymous said...

Why is "feelings" in quotes?

Honestly, in economics the Consumer Confidence Index is one of the major indicators of economic stability. This is a poll of citizen's overall feeling (no quotes) of the state of the economy. Remember, even when the economy was at its peak 8 months ago consumer confidence was low. The upper 1% (those getting the largest tax breaks) were those reaping the benefits.

Macroeconomics is counter intuitive to what many feel is common sense money management, and a lot of smart people (when they aren't on a political agenda) are supporting TARP, and the stimulus, and the mortgage bailout not because they WANT tax-payers dollars to go for other peoples mistakes, but because the alternative of letting these systems fail would makes things much much worse and that the Government is the only one with the pockets (aka. who exist outside of the market structure) who can reinforce the capital of the banks who screwed not only the US, but the world economy.

Obama does have some good steps for transparency, but there are still those in the administration/party/government who play by old partisan tactics. Just what we need.

Mike W. said...

"but there are still those in the administration/party/government who play by old partisan tactics"

Obama included. So much for "hope, change, and a new kind of politics." Horseshit.

Quite a few "smart people" support gun control as well. Being "smart" doesn't make them right. I've known highly educated folks who are dumb as shit, and folks who never went to college very intelligent.