Sunday, March 15, 2009

Those Local Liberals

Weer'd Beard has been commenting over at the home of my old friends at Delaware Liberal.  They're responding in their usual rational, logical, and mature manner.....

On that note, Nancy Pelosi says something that can only make you say "WTF?"  "I'm not partisan" were her words.

I guess "I'm not partisan" is a lot like "I'm not anti-gun, just pro-law" eh?

Frankly given the necessary level of intellectual dishonesty over at Delaware Liberal I suspect Weer'd comments will start being "moderated" very shortly if they haven't already.  You know, reasoned discourse and all.  Who was it that said anti-gunners can't survive without maintaining an accompanying sea of misinformation?  Delaware Liberal epitomizes that statement.

I notice one commenter says "ammo isn't all that expensive."  As has been said by myself and many others, anti's really do live in an entirely different reality from the rest of us.

Looks like a few folks are commenting.  Good, because I've been banned from their site for months now.


Anonymous said...

But she is not partisan... I mean, after all, if she locks the Republicans out of any hope of dissenting, and then has her Democrats push through whatever the hell she wants, that is not partisan, right?


As for the Delaware Liberal, they wanted their echo chamber, so they can have it. Granted, they are ignorant, misinformed, uneducated, and bigoted when it comes to firearms, but if that is the way they want it, that is the way they can have it.

the pistolero said...

"ammo isn't all that expensive."
Read that to say, "ammo isn't as expensive as we feeeeel it should be."

Weer'd Beard said...

Oddly enugh when they tried to dump one of my comments and I simply mirrored it on my blog she got all butthurt and pulled my post from the trash.

Honestly I think they're keeping their hands off the guns issue for now.

Even Moonbats know when they can't win.

Mike W. said...

Well of course Weer'd. Hence why they banned me, "moderated" Linoge's comments, and started moderating yours as well.

Their lies cannot stand up to facts and logic. Those lies can't survive without keeping that sea of misinformation intact.

Allowing us to call out their BS destroys the lies they depend upon, so they have no choice but to engage in "reasoned discourse." Besides, history has proven the folks at DE Liberal to be intellectual cowards.

Pistolero - Yup, they claim they don't want to ban guns just "reduce the number of guns." They'll never be satisfied until that number is a number extremely close to zero.

You can be sure that in the same way they won't consider ammo "expensive" until they've priced us all out of the market.

Hell, I always remember Brady Bill #2. Two bricks of .22lr would have required an "arsenal license." Raise prices to astronomical levels and prohibit bulk ammo purchases and we're screwed.

nova said...

Hello all,

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I am a vet, but my military time was Navy, and a long time ago. My firearms experience is hunting. I prefer revolvers over anything else. I own a Ruger Vaquero. Beautiful gun by the way.

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mike's spot said...

I've never gone to the DE Liberal- I know you have a lot of history there- but not being from the state kinda made me feel like I had no business going to a state oriented site.

I'm glad you smacked em around so many times though that they have gone out of their way to ban you on several IPs :)

when is the Sig story? Some of us are waiting ya know. PS- my m10 deal completely fell through. so now I'm picking up a small J frame - 1970s manufacture (I think) instead.

I think I'm going to give the Kel-Tec to my father, so I needed to do a little arsenal switching.

Mike W. said...

Sucks about the model 10 Mike.

Not sure when the Sig will be here. Hopefully this week.

none said...

Yeah I just paid $30 for a box of .45 long colt..I'm going to savor it.

This is one way to shut down America's gun ranges.