Thursday, March 12, 2009

We've Seen Her Before....

Sebastian points out that the "experts" believe Europe needs even more gun control. Apparently these folks aren't experts on European history.

One of those "experts" was Gisela Kallenbach, a member of the German Green Party. Kallenbach's statement from the article.

Gisela Kallenbach, a German Green Party deputy who steered the bloc's
upcoming legislation through the European Parliament, said some EU member states have been "very progressive" in restricting the availability of gun laws while
others "still have something to do."

Ah yes, banning guns is "progressive." Geez, and this woman is German? Has she not learned anything from the history of her own country? I guess if your goal is to increase the power of the state then gun control IS progress.

We've seen Kallenbach before, making similarly inane statements.

In a November 2007 article on school shootings and the needs for tighter European gun laws she said,

"We in Europe have a different culture than in the United States and we do
not consider the freedom to buy weapons a human right....Civil liberties
can be sacrificed if we can prevent people from being killed."

Yeah, how has curtailing civil liberties, particularly gun ownership, prevented people in Europe from being killed? Europe, not the US, has seen numerous genocides throughout history. It seems the enlightened Europeans are determined to continually ignore the lessons of history. Then again, Europe has never been big on individual freedom.

Also, consider her 2007 statement for a second. "Civil liberties can be sacrificed if we can prevent people from being killed." There's not a single freedom that's safe from such thinking, and a society governed by such principles isn't one I ever want to live in.

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mike's spot said...

Why some Europeans look down on us as uncivilized I'll never understand. Our violence, in my opinion, pales in comparison to the terrible things that have been done there and by 'civilized' European nations.

I will not travel to Europe because of fear for my safety.