Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ah Pontiac.

Tam offers us her thoughts on Pontiac. I specifically like her bit about the Fiero.

Being that my 1st car was a Fiero (an 86' V6) I have to agree with everything she says. Of course MY Fiero was worse than most in that it was literally a junkyard car. My grandpa bought the shell from a junkyard and assembled it using as many scrap parts as he could. It was primered, no paint, and even the tires were bought used. It ran rich, leaked oil, and had leaky coolant lines. I discovered the latter when I topped the car out (~90MPH) and the motor overheated to the point where the thermostat guage actually broke. Oh yeah, it also had a bad master cylinder, so stopping was an adventure. The pedal went almost to the floor before you even began to stop.

Yes, it was a piece of shit, but I loved it. I spun it once (in rain of course) and ended up on a hill between two trees. We fixed it, and then not long after that I spun it again in the rain. Lift-off oversteer is not friendly to a 16 year old who learned to drive on a Buick Lesabre. The snap oversteer when you over correct the initial slide is equally uncool. I saved the initial slide, but the snap oversteer sent me 240 degrees in the opposite direction. The rear axle met the curb and that was the end of that car.

Sometimes I think It'd be cool to own another Fiero, but then I realize it has no advantages whatsoever over an MR-2. As much as I'd love to sell my mazda and pick up a AW11 or SW20 (1st and 2nd generation MR-2 for you non car guys) I always resist the urge to do so. I need something that is reliable everyday, and something that can handle winters. I don't think an MR2 fits either of those. 23 and I'm worried about something not being practical......what the hell is wrong with me?

Edited to add - Who thought it was a good idea to build a "sports car" on a Chevelle suspension. Pontiac finally got the suspension setup right in the 88' GT and Formula, and then promptly killed the Fiero off.


none said...

In proper condition they were decent cars. I remember the speedo only went to 85 but I could get the needle to the D in drive.

I always owned rebuilt junkers up until recently, there was always something comforting about not having to worry about your car.

Weer'd Beard said...

Guy at work was talking about some of the AMAZING (and Cheap) drag cars people have made out of Junkyard Fieros and Buick/Pontiac blown/turbo V6s. Short money and a little work you can get a car that goes stupid-fast in a straight line.

Don't try to turn them at speed, he says.

BTW you see Skye's latest Screed?

She's certainly an odd bird, and has some aggression issue methinks.

But what should I know, like you I'm a "Rude" "Asshole" ; ]

Mike W. said...

Weer'd I wonder if I'm the "shithead" with the "nasty website?" It's likely either you or I.

My last post that linked to her in any way was on April 13th. I can't imagine she's getting much traffic from a 3 week old post on my meager little blog here.

She says, in the worst case of SAD IRONY I have ever seen....

Nor have I ever linked to another individual blogger in order to slam them to make myself look better.

Nor have I ever once written about another blogger for an entire post. As in, that's the post. Writing about another blogger.

Truth is: I don't have to.
And yet what did she just do?She wrote an entire post about another blogger without tying in ANY other material while also managing to attack that bloggers commenters, his website, and straight up calling him names.

Have I highlighted bigotry, intolerance, and ignorance of anti-gunners by linking to them on this blog? Yes, but I have NEVER stooped to the level petty, petulant, nasty vitriol that Skyewriter shows in her post.

I have NEVER made a post where I did nothing but levy personal attacks at another blogger. Tying their comments into a larger, broader discussion of issues yes.

Skyewriter has some very serious anger issues. No wonder she's an anti-gunner. How often do we see that they're folks who are incapable of controlling their emotions?

Unknown said...

I still have my 87GT. An engine swap at 127,000 miles and a fresh paint job has it looking good and going strong.

My 1st car was an 842M4, a real dog, but I still miss it. I'm looking for an 88GT to add to the obsession.

Weer'd Beard said...

I see you've commented over there but I noticed that Robb picked up your post too.

That's probably the spike she's seeing, and she's pissed that the majority of people reading her blog think she's wrong.

Reminds me of people in Mass, they surround themselves with like-minded people, they live in "Progressive" neighborhoods, and they shun anybody who might disagree with them (Jeeze that doesn't sound at ALL like Skye)

Call it the "Falce Majority", look at her comments, 99% of them are "You go Girl!" sycophants. Makes her feel like she's right in what she says. Of course below the surface we know that probably 80% of her hits and possibly comments are people who DISAGREE with her, and she does all she can to supress them.

Of course there is deep conflict in such denial of reality, hence the anger.

Mike W. said...

Weer'd - She claims it was actually a "Freeper" she was so peeved about, yet she doesn't link to the comments in question or even quote them without linking.

Who does that?

Everything I said in comments over there still stands even IF the post in question doesn't pertain to you or I.

Xspectre - Fiero's really are pretty cool little cars when they're done right. I still don't get why Pontiac based a sportscar suspension off of a Chevy Chevelle.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah, she's lied in the past. Remember all those threatening and profanity laced comments she supposedly got (meanwhile We know all the polite posts she deleted).

Whatever. But remember we're not welcome to an open internet blog....because!

She's just being a drama-queen and an attention-whore. If she wanted to be left alone to chat with her katty clique she'd just get a locked Myspace or Livejournal account.

Mike W. said...

Haha, yeah weer'd, or the tons of nasty, insulting, rude comments she claims I left on her blog. Much like "proof" they don't actually exist.

I'd put money on the nasty "freeper" comments she claims she received not being real either. If they were wouldn't she at least quote them for context sake?

And yeah, I made comments in the past that actually defended her, and they were canned.

Weerd - Are you referring to the blown Bonneville motors? Those can make Fiero's stupid fast.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep that or the Grand Am Supercharged V6s.

Honestly I don't know a ton about GM mills (I'm a Ford guy) but a buddy at work is both a computer geek AND a Hot-Rodder (HOLY SHIT HE CAN MAKE MAGIC!!) and he rocks a Riviera that really impresses the hell out of me. And remember I'm a RWD SNOB. If it turns the front wheels it isn't "Sport" in my book. He made a liar out of me! : ]