Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Speaking of Paranoia

It would seem as though Goebbels was right. Some lies just will not die and the "useful idiots," as Brezemov so aptly put it, will just continue to eat this blatant BS up.

From the Daily Beast article Catherine links to.

"If a new militia movement coalesces, its members will have no shortage of sophisticated assault weapons to choose from. At the gun show in Reno, I witnessed the sale of rocket-propelled-grenade launchers and bazooka guns.....Nearby, I interviewed another dealer retailing a brand of.50-caliber assault rifle that was banned in California because it could supposedly down an airplane."
No discussion of reality, no discussion of facts, no discussion of the laws on the books. Instead we get outright lies and hysterical fearmongering from the anti-freedom, pro-ignorance crowd. Do Catherine, or any of her supporters do even the slightest bit of research to confirm the veracity of such claims? Of course not, because they must peddle these lies or the gun-control movement dies.

Clearly they believe we MUST ban gun shows, since they're obviously a place where criminals are buying anti-aircraft rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and bazooka guns! Never mind that in the real world "rocket-propelled-grenade launchers" and "bazooka guns" (whatever those are supposed to be) cannot be bought by civilians at any gun show or gun store in the U.S.

As far as the .50 cal, the rational for banning it in CA probably WAS that "it could supposedly shoot down an airplane." Anyone with even a modicum of common sense should be able to shoot holes in that rationale, even if they know next to nothing about guns.

If I based my blog posts off of "reporting" like this I'd moderate comments as keep people from laughing at me.

Oh wow, the 1st comment by Zirgar is a case of sad, sad irony.


RuffRidr said...

I find Catherine's remarks in the comments hilariously hypocritical:

"You can thank the NRA for fearmongering and exploiting people’s concerns for their own agenda, Faux news and just plain racism, among other things."

Fear mongering is trying to get laws passed on false pretenses. Such as claiming that rocket propelled grenades are available at gun shows. Or that .50 caliber weapons are capable of shooting down planes. Or that the "assault weapons" sold to the general public are capable of automatic fire.

Middle ground is needed for a rational discussion about guns in America. But Catherine is so far from it, that it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

Erf. You are a better man than I, Mike - keeping up with Catherine's incoherent, inconsistent, and illogical rantings and ravings would pretty much cause my head to explode.

In other news, it hardly surprises me that she is spreading misinformation, lies, and heresay... the woman is barely capable of maintaining a coherent conversation, how can we expect her to remember anything other than the party line?

Weer'd Beard said...

Note that Skye pops in there to call us all racists!

Man I'd forgotten about her, and honestly I think I would have been better off otherwise...

BobG said...

Bunch of babbling idiots, aren't they? I can't even imagine how their minds work.

Mike W. said...

Bob - The bigots think that if they repeat these lies long enough they'll gain traction.

The sad thing is that they're right. Alot of people eat this shit up, and bigots like Catherine Macivor are more than glad to peddle their lies.

I can only hope that in the coming years bigots like Catherine and the Brady Bunch will be sufficienty marginalized. We've seen that happen with openly racist bigots, and we're seeing it to an extent with openly homophobic bigots.

It will be a great day when the anti-gunners go the way of the KKK.

Richard Hoover said...

liberals/marxists are the biggest hypocrites, practicing the same tactics that they decry and often falsely claim others do.

Thirdpower said...

ad hominems, charges of racism, and personal attacks are all they have. They can logically defend their assertions anymore since all their claims of doom and gloom haven't played out.

It's also the only subject that seems to generate traffic for her.