Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too Nice to Blog

It's been 75-85 around here and sunny as can be. I've been outside pretty much all weekend, and if this keeps up I doubt much blogging will be happening here.

If you're reading this GO OUTSIDE, ENJOY THE WEATHER.


Anonymous said...

Bleh, if I 'enjoy' it too much, I turn interesting colors.

Laura said...

lucky. we had 89* Saturday, 92 yesterday, and 90 today. high 80s for tomorrow.

i'm dying. no central air makes Laura an angry woman.

Mike W. said...

Oh, it ended up getting into the
90's later in the day Laura, after I wrote this.

I was at my brother's for my nephews B-day party and it was hot as hell. Thank god for cold beer.

Weer'd Beard said...

Wicked nice out today! I'll be hopping on my bike for a nice ride as soon as I get home.

BTW nice little bit of Irony you invoked over at Skye's place.

She's bitching about "Censorship", you point out a rational argument on why it isn't.

She tells you not to bother to post anymore as she'll move your comments to the circular file!

Pretty impressive!

Mike W. said...

Yeah funny isn't it weer'd? I make a case for why it's not "censorship" by FOX. She provides a link to the FCC, which she clearly didn't read, since it actually proves my point.

And of course then she also says I'm not welcome and goes on to say she won't post any further comments from me and will consider any as "harassment."

I haven't posted comments on her blog in a while, so I'm not quite sure what crawled up her ass.

As far as the alleged nasty comments she has from me filed away. I've asked her to share those with me, which predictably she will not.

I'm guessing a response of "Is this response considered harassment" would probably be harassment?

It's actually been a bit hot for me. My god Phoenix is going to be CRAZY hot in a few weeks.

Weer'd Beard said...

" I'm not quite sure what crawled up her ass."

Not only did you interupt her echo-chamber of sycophants and "yes-men", but you held a mirror up to her face and allowed her to look at what she doesn't want to see.

If that's how you keep your house, what you did is pretty infuriating.

Bob and Myself are also Persona non Grata, we'll see what she does with us.

Anonymous said...

Did not get a chance to on Sunday,but Monday at the range was real nice. Was made even better being the sole person out there.