Monday, May 25, 2009

Phallic Symbols

We're constantly told that our guns are phallic symbols, that they mean we are compensating for certain "shortcomings." Now, for those of us with evil AR15's there's a solution. We can get wood!


Unknown said...

What about the suggestion that some gun owners are compensating for basic psychological insecurities?

Michael W. said...

Um Mike,

Are you SURE you should have that post title over that photo of your sweet little mom?

I'm just sayin' -grin-

Mike W.
(the other one)

mike's spot said...

Oh yeah! well I think people who suggests guns are compensation for physical attributes are projecting their own insecurities!

and stuff!. . . . yeah!

I like wood furniture on CETMEs. I'd love to get one some time- but the prices are just way to crazy.

BobG said...

If guns were a way of compensating, then no guy would ever own a .22...

Weer'd Beard said...

Or the puny 5-shot 2" .38 Special I carry!