Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Thought

I had bacon for 4 meals in a row while in Phoenix. That alone is just made of win! Bacon, Guinness, guns, and good company. What more could you want?


Bob S. said...

Mike W,

At this point, it might be rude to say that I don't like you very much. :)

One of the worst aspects of abdominal surgery is a loss of appetite. Not even bacon has sound good in days.

I might be recovering though....started drooling when I read bacon.

Weer'd Beard said...

A roll in the hey with a fine woman and maybe a good cigar would round it off nicely for me.

And maybe toss in a fine movie.

But that's all just Gravy!

Unknown said...

To be able to carry my gun and my Guinness at the same time!

Mike W. said...

Yeah, the alcohol / carry law in AZ was annoying. Obviously no one carried while drinking, but it was a hassle to have to avoid places that served alcohol or drop off your gun before eating.

breda said...

I loved hanging out with you - and isn't Waffle House good? :)

Mike W. said...

Breda - It was a pleasure. And yes, waffle house was great. I can't believe there's one 20 minutes away in Elkton, MD and I didn't know it.

BTW, I thought you were the Bacon Queen, and yet you didn't even eat all your bacon at Waffle House.