Wednesday, June 10, 2009

12 hours

Joe engages a neophyte anti-gun blogger in a bit of calm, rational, articulate discussion. The post has of course *magically* disappeared. It took this anti-gunner only 12 hours from the time of Joe's post to engage in "Reasoned Discourse" and delete his original post.

I can't help but laugh at these folks, whether it's this liberal anti-gunner, Skyewriter from November Fifth, Catherine, or the folks at Iggydonnelly. It's almost dumbfounding how intellectually deficient they are, to the point that you can't help but laugh and feel sorry for them. In my experience, every single one of them has been unable to defend their positions. Every single one of them moderates comments, deletes comments, bans commenters, and runs away from their own words and positions faster than even the sleasiest politicians.

They are the Sad Panda's of the blogosphere, following in the footsteps of the Sugarmann's, Hamm's, and Helmke's.

Yup, read the comments here for a good laugh.


kaveman said...

Is this a sign for us to retreat on our part?

Hell no!

When your enemy is retreating, attack attack attack!

Unknown said...

Kaveman had be laughing out loud. Sometimes, you guys are really funny, I mean that with no sarcasm.

Mike, Why didn't you include me in that group of anti-gun bloggers? Was it just an oversight or do you spare me the label, "intellectually deficient," for some reason? I only know two out of the four you mentioned, but I tend to think nobody's deficient around here. I think we happen to disagree with you and you have a problem in accepting that so you resort to mockery and name-calling.

Like I said on Joe Huffman's site, it's too bad the "neophyte anti-gun blogger" had to pack up his tent and run for the hills like that. Maybe he'll still come around and end up being an ally on the side of reason and common sense.

Weer'd Beard said...

Seems that's the only way they can play.

MikeB included with his fun comment moderation and fake "commenting policy"

Anonymous said...

That hoplophobic half-wit did not "have" to do anything - he chose, of his own free will and volition, to not only delete any offending comments at his weblog, but also to delete the whole post. That is a special level of Reasoned Discourse (TM), right there. Of course, it is also inherently self-destructive, but I guess that is the way of people who would impose victimhood on not only themselves, but everyone around them.

kaveman said...

"I think we happen to disagree with you and you have a problem in accepting that so you resort to mockery and name-calling."


Oh, do you mean when you say all gun owners are balding fat white males with small dicks?

That kind of name calling?

Just wondering.

Mike W. said...

Looks like the "progressives" at Iggy are proving my point.

Apparently I am angry, fearful, and mentally unstable (projection anyone?) and that I "Hate" them.

I quote

"Should someone here alert authorities to this reactionary angry person who goes around the internet looking to cause trouble? Could that save an innocent persons life?"