Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lead-Free Frangible and Barrel Erosion

I found this thread over at Does anyone know if that's just internet rumor or if there's actually truth to it? Barrel erosion is something I know pretty much nothing about. I ask because I've got several thousand rounds of the Speer CF Frangible in question and I'm shooting it through a brand new .357 SIG barrel.


The Duck said...

I would really doubt that it is due to Frangibles, it is more likely caliber. The hotter the round the quicker the barrel wears out.
Also frans have tighter tolerences than regular jacketed bullets, according to International Cart Comp. so that could count for why they shooter tighter, the jacketed rounds are within spec, but slighty smaller so they are not grabbing whats left of the rifling as well. All barrels will get shot out in time, & the hotter the load the quicker it happens

Jenn said...

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none said...

I think it's more related to the burning powder causing the erosion. Hot fast burning powders used in high performance ammo can cause erosion in auto's and flame cutting of the top strap and forcing cone in revolvers.

Mike W. said...

Thanks for the info guys. Now you have me wondering what the average service life of a .357SIG barrel is.