Friday, June 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

"A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence. "

-David Hume


Bob S. said...

I hope you've left that over on MikeB's pro-ignorance site

Unknown said...

Mike, Why can't you respect my wishes? You know I don't like that comparison, why do you keep repeating it? I've explained in my commenting policy and in a number of attempts to reason with Bob and Weer'd that I don't think it's a valid comparison, and that I don't think your argument depends upon it, but the point is not about the merits of the comparison. The point is, on my blog you need to play by my rules. Why do you find this so difficult?

Mike W. said...

And why does it bother you so much MikeB? Could it be that you know it's a perfectly apt comparison but you just don't like being compared to child pornographers?

You don't like the idea of being blamed for the actions of child porn distributors and being lumped in with them because YOU are law-abiding and don't misuse your rights. Correct?

Guess what? We don't like it when you do the same thing to us ad nauseum.

I took your own comment, changed the word "gun" or "gun owner" to "blog" and "child porn" Why? The fact that you don't like the comparison when I change a few words shows just how bigoted your position is. After all, I used YOUR words, I just changed the object and target demographic.

Interesting that you don't like it when you're the one being indirectly smeared.

We can discuss it here if you like. I don't moderate comments here unless you overtly threaten people.

Linoge said...

Furthermore, beliefs that fly in the face of quantifiable facts should not and cannot be used as a basis to deprive other individuals of naturally-granted, Constitutionally-protected rights. Such beliefs are based on nothing more than faith, and faith has no business infringing on individual rights.

Regarding the situation concerning the child pornography analogy to MikeB's incessant specious castigation of law-abiding firearm owners, the analogy is 100% appropriate, and 100% equivalent. That MikeB dislikes his own logic being used against him says something considerable about that logic, his argument, and his stance on the issues.

And it ain't something good.

Unknown said...

OK. Say it here all you want, but I won't publish that crap on my blog.

I truly don't agree that it's a valid comparison or one that's necessary to make your argument. I believe you do it for two reasons. One because you know I don't like it and you like to break balls and two because you think that by repeating that vile nonsense you can harm me in some indirect way.

The fact remains it has nothing to do with our argument which is about guns.

the pistolero said...

I daresay you have an assload of nerve whining about vile nonsense, MikeB, considering the crap you deposit on your blog and on others.

Linoge said...

Of course it has nothing to do with guns, MikeB. They never said it had anything to do with guns.

It is an appropriate analogy for your logic (or lack thereof).

You keep erroneously trying to hold all gun-owners responsible for the insane actions of a few whackjobs. As such, we are now going to hold you (a male internet-user) accountable for the actions of a few deranged male internet-users.

If you believe the former is applicable, then, by extension, you believe the latter is applicable. That you are objecting so stringently to the latter really indicates something about your rationale - mainly that you, yourself, admit that it is flawed. Subconciously admit it, granted, but at least that is something.

But, given that you have admitted to not having a method for consistently and accurately determining facts, it somehow should not surprise me that you do not grasp the concept of logical analogies...

Mike W. said...

I truly don't agree that it's a valid comparison or one that's necessary to make your argument

So then you are saying your own arguments you make against us are invalid? Good to know you admit you're wrong.

I used your own argument, your words Mike. Verbatim. All I did was change the group you were targeting to "bloggers," the object in question to "blogs" and the right being infringed upon to the 1st.

In no way did I modify your actual argument. (and Damnit, I wish I had the comment you moderated away)

As Linoge says, that you take such offense to your own logic being used against you speaks volumes as to the invalidity of your position.

Bob S. said...


Since I originated the analogy on your site, I guess I should pipe up.

Just because you don't think it is a valid comparison doesn't mean it isn't.

So you don't like it. You want people to be respectful, polite and mannerly on your blog...yet you continue to repeatedly insult gun owners - that is why I came up with the comparison.

You don't like it, you don't accept it, you won't allow your audience to see the comparison because it offends you. Yet, when pointed out how much it offends me to hear my friends and family linked to heinous murders, rapes, continue to post the same information over and over again.

Isn't that a bit hypocritical of you?

As far as harming you, that actually is the last thing on my mind. The first thing I tried to do with it was harm YOUR ARGUMENT. It's effective, it is apt and it hits the emotional chords just like your accusations do.

You want to play fair, examine your bias, examine your insistence on believing something that can not be proven, has been disproved, has been shown to be statistically inaccurate, has been shown to be insulting and demeaning.

If you don't like it, don't do the same thing to others.

How hard is it to realize that simple kindergarten level principle?

Also, stop trying to hide behind the "but I meant the other GUN OWNERS, I didn't mean YOU" childish dodge.

(sorry I didn't post on this earlier, I didn't realize there was an off topic debate going on)

Mike W. said...

stop trying to hide behind the "but I meant the other GUN OWNERS, I didn't mean YOU" childish dodge.

Exactly. I could say "Well I didn't mean YOU MikeB, only other bloggers and I'll bet Mike would still be offended by my comment (which of couse is a simple adaptation of his own comment)

Weer'd Beard said...

Another Anti-gun leftie with comment moderation is calling "Abuse" and "Hostility" by gunnies.

Where have we seen this before?

Mike W. said...

Weer'd - My comment (full of historical references and links to the U.S. code and 1792 militia acts) never made it out of moderation. I asked where it is but didn't receive a response.

I'm SHOCKED.... It would appear "CalGal" who's commented over at MikeB's is enaging in a little "reasoned discourse"

Weer'd Beard said...

Looks like all my posts are too dangerous for light of day.

Tho her responses to my posts are up there.

Her closing line "Isn't Dialog Great!" has become a tad Ironic. That's "Monolog" you're thinking, sweetie!