Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here's a Gem

I find it bizarre that Abbott is so concerned about Chicago, which is not located in Texas. Has it occurred to Abbott that Chicago's 3 million residents, through their duly elected officials, might actually want to keep their strict gun control law from 1982?

David J. Maschek

OK, and if some town in Mississippi decided to institute a law making slavery legal, or barring blacks from entering the town I guess Mr. Maschek thinks the rest of the country should just butt out of their business. After all, if it's what the residents want then to hell with the Constitution and to hell with the rights of those affected by said law, right?

On second thought, maybe this would be a great idea. My town can pass a law saying that no resident has to pay Federal income tax. I wonder how that'd go over?

I don't know why I'm surprised that anti-gunners keep making these inane arguments.
H/T to Pistolero


Anonymous said...

One citizen's rights being oppressed anywhere is an anathema to all citizens everywhere.

the pistolero said...

What Linoge said. Apparently the letter writer thinks some rights are more equal than others as do the proponents of selective incorporation. And thanks for the link.