Friday, July 31, 2009


Backordered ammo is on the way, which makes me quite gay. That's it, I have nothing witty left to say, at least not anything you'd want to read anyway.

Now go away and enjoy the rest of your Friday!


Weer'd Beard said...

What you getting?

Oh speaking of Ammo Special order. Just found out the Federal HST 230 gr +P Police ammo I used to get for short money at my local shop is now only being shipped directly to police precincts! BOOO

Once I slowly work to the bottom of this batch (I don't rechamber a round, so every time I shoot or clean my carry 1911 I'm out one more pill) I'm going to have to test out a NEW carry load : (

The shop had boxes of Winchester Ranger Bonded 230 Gr (standard pressure) for $35 a box (GAH! I spent like $22 for the HST!) Oh well, time to start saving my pennies for some more carry ammo!

Mike W. said...

Getting 1250 rds. of 9mm Remington UMC. 750 already shipped, I'm waiting on the rest of the order, which will be here monday.

I'm also still waiting on some Federal HST 230gr. Standard Pressure .45ACP that may not come for another month or more (been waiting since late MARCH)

I'll rechamber the same round several times as long as it's a standard pressure JHP. If it's +P or +P+ I try to limit it to 2 chamberings before it becomes range fodder.

I try not to chamber .357SIG more than 2 times either since it's such a high pressure round. I'll admit I sometimes lose track though. (Sigs are pretty good about case support though)

I should have a few parts back from CCR refinishing on Monday too.

Weer'd Beard said...

Where'd you get the HSTs?


Mike W. said...

mike's spot said...

I'll rechamber the hell out of a round. As long as it mic's the same as another unchambered round- I say go for it. If the round is shortened by 5% or so of a factory round, then I consider it time to shoot that particular round and start over with another one.