Thursday, July 16, 2009

Para GI Expert

Someone on my blogroll was talking about how they wanted one recently, but I can't remember who it was. Laura maybe?

Anyway, Mark has them for a pretty good price. 1911 Para GI Expert - $525 with 2 mags.

UPDATE - Speaking of the Para GI Expert, head over to Kevin's for a chance to win one.


Laura said...

yeah, it was me. i don't know if i'm going to buy this year or next...kinda waiting to hear more performance/breakage reports before i finally break down and do it.

...waiting 'till all my dental work is over might also be my other incentive to wait...heh.

Mike W. said...

Even if they end up having a few issues they're still hard to beat for that price, and Para's customer service seems to be good. Robb Allen had all kinds of issues with his LDA, but Para took care of him and now he loves the thing.

I've been itching to pick up a 1911lately too. I'd really like an old Colt Sistema, but it seems the supply of those has dried up. Maybe I'll settle for a Star Model B. Yeah, it's not a 1911, but it has a similar feel.

Weer'd Beard said...

You want a 1911 on the cheap I've heard good things about these.

If you can manage, better to save for a Springfield, Kimber, or S&W. Still the price is tough to beat, even if it isn't a perfect gun.

Para has a bad rep out there...still that was from the Para-Ord days, It would appear the new Para-USA is attempting to crush those quality rumors.

Time will tell.

Laura said...

that's good to know. apparently they've moved their business stateside (hence the name change to Para USA), which i like.

i would imagine any older Colt 1911 in usable condition would cost about a grand or more. i do love Chris's, but there's no way i could afford one just like his, and frankly? i'd like something a little different.

oh, for shits and giggles look at Wilson's list of grips for the 1911. THEY HAVE MAMMOTH TOOTH GRIPS fer chrissakes!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Weer'd - i have manhandled and shot an RIA pistol, and it felt horribly cheap...i've handled better-feeling airsoft pistols.

(edited for grammar)

Mike W. said...

Yeah, I honestly can't afford to drop a grand or more on a gun. My most expensive gun was the P220ST and that was ~$600.

Para seems to have gotten better, and pretty much all the gun bloggers seem to like theirs.

(Tam, Saysuncle, Robb, Joe, Caleb, JR, Sebastian, Dave Hardy and probably more I'm forgetting.)

I think Robb was the only one of the bunch that had serious issues with his at 1st.

Laura - Even the Sistema's, which used to be cheap are now going for $600+ so I'll bet a nice full-size Colt would run north of $1K.

Laura said...

i think my top pricetag for a pistol would be in the high $600s. i can't fathom spending a grand on one...and it kills me when i think of the Colt in the house, which cost Chris all of $400ish? it's now worth $1200...possibly more if you consider the aftermarket parts he added.

Weer'd Beard said...

I got both my S&W1911s for $600 used. I'm sure you could beat that price on a standard S&W1911...I still feel blessed finding a used S&W1911Sc for that price.

As for Non-Smith 1911s, I really can't speak because Mass Prices are so fucked up because of our stupid handgun roster.

Jeff the Baptist said...

"You want a 1911 on the cheap I've heard good things about these."

I have an RIA that I picked up at X-Ring back when they were $320. It's a pretty good gun. But the frame and slide are cast and the sights are tiny original milspec. Shoots ok or will once I get it back together.