Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Changing the Future

One mind at a time. Kevin gets an e-mail from a reader that just brightens my day. Lord knows that with the way this country is bounding towards failure even the smallest bright spot is cause for optimism.

I second what he says, as I've been a regular reader of The Smallest Minority since 2003, when I was a fledgling college student just beginning to form my own political identity.

On a related note, I think some people are perhaps predisposed towards or against particular political ideologies. I've always been a literal, rational & logical thinker who rarely if ever took things at face value. Some people are just wired differently. They almost seem drawn to emotional arguments and are intrinsically empathetic to such positions. Obviously no one thinks rationally all the time (which is one of my core issues with Rand's Objectivism) but I do think there's a predisposition towards one method or the other.

Perhaps that's why I was never swayed by Contemporary Liberalism. It is far too grounded in what ought to be rather than what is. Then of course the same principles pushed me away from Conservatism, which is fraught with many of it's own bigoted moral viewpoints and authoritarianism.

As an example of liberal thought, I give you a gem by Kevin's whipping boy Markadelphia.

"Belief is more important than reality"

That my friends is Contemporary Liberalism in a nutshell. Markadelphia's been demonstrating it for years.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused, you say "I've always been a literal, rational & logical thinker who rarely if ever took things at face value." This seems to me like a contradiction. I consider myself a literal rational thinker who ALWAYS takes things at face value.

If you never take things at face value aren't you the opposite of literal? Figurative, imaginative?

Modern liberals, to me, take things that are real and make them into an imaginative or ideal concept.


Mike W. said...

What I mean by that is I will not take what someone said as gospel, that I naturally question things as well as find and analyze the data myself rather than regurgitating fed talking points like a good little sheep.