Monday, August 17, 2009

Excellent Source for Mags & Parts Kits

Other than, Greg Cote LLC has become my go to source for Sig Sauer magazines and parts kits. His prices are reasonable, $5.95 shipping on all orders is a huge plus, and his communication, customer service and lightening fast shipping are top-notch.

I now have spare parts for all my Sigs as well as a reasonable (or at least minimum) number of mags for each gun. Then again, can you ever really have too many magazines?

Of course I only have one mag for the Bersa, which is completely unacceptable. As Tam would say, one is none and two is one.


Laura said...

that reminds me, i need to get mags for the .380 and the Plinkster.

Mike W. said...

Laura - Mags for the Bersa can be found here.